Erin Bates is the middle child of Sarah and Stuart. She has a identical twin sister named Orla. She has two older brothers - Hadyn (aged 7) and Callum (aged 5).

She had a tendency to be very stubborn and bossy at times and sneaky. Although she misbehaved, she did not go to the naughty seat as much as her sister. She went there once during teaching and 3 times during family test run. She did however play up on the school run and had to go the reins for 2 minutes.

When Supernanny left for a week she was put on the Naughty Seat for three minutes for unnecessary reasons such as splashing Sarah whilst in the pool.

She constantly fought with Orla, and was the preschool class bully. Along with Orla, They were double trouble.

Trivia Edit

At breakfast she wanted her mum to change breakfast.

Erin Bates was 3 years old at the time and is now 13 in 2016. She was born in 2003.

Gallery Edit

  • Erin sitting down listening to house rules.
  • Erin getting her first taste of the naughty seat.

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