Erin Bates (born January 25th 2003) is the middle child of Sarah and Stuart. She has a identical twin sister named Orla. She has two older brothers - Haydn (aged 7) and Callum (aged 5).

She could be a princess That She loves girls stuff along with Orla But She constantly quarrels and got into a fight with her twin sister and had a tendency to be very stubborn and bossy at times and sneaky. She went there once during teaching and 3 times during family test run. She did however play up on the school run and had to go the reins for 2 minutes. During breakfast, she wanted her mother to change breakfast.

She is now 15 in 2018

Gallery Edit

  • Erin sitting down listening to house rules.
  • Erin getting her first taste of the naughty seat.