Erica Winter is the daughter of Cathy and Tom, the younger twin sister of Kayla, the younger half-sister of Kristin and the older sister of Tori and Tommy.

Erica was seen frequently squabbling with her twin sister, Kayla. She sometimes can be pretty defiant.

Like Tori, Erica was also seen being sent to the naughty step two times. On Jo's DVD footage Erica was seen refusing to close the refrigerator when her mom told her to. Erica's reason for refusing was that she didn't open the refrigerator (Tori did), but she went to the step anyway.

The second time was for refusing to finish her dinner (last few bites). With Jo's help dad gave Erica a warning, even though he wanted to put her in timeout right away and mom did the rest of the technique.

She was 6 years old when she appeared on Supernanny and will be 16 in 2017. She was born in December 5th 2001.


Erica has a very good eye roll

Quotes Edit

  • "I hate the Naughty Step." (When she was interviewed)
  • "I think we will have a really happy family soon." (When she was interviewed)
  • "I wasn't the one who opened it, Tori did."
  • "No!"
  • "Because I didn't open it."

Video Edit

Screams & Tears On The Naughty Step - Supernanny US03:22

Screams & Tears On The Naughty Step - Supernanny US

Erica on the Naughty Step for refusing to eat her last few bites of her dinner.

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