Amy Elizabeth Tsironis (née Burnham) is the mother of Kate, Teddy and Nicholas, and wife of Bob.

She worked a couple days a week in addition to being a stay-at-home mom. She found it hard to discipline the boys because of their premature birth and also found it hard to communicate with them. She also struggled with dealing with the children's competing demands for her attention.

She was 37 at the time and is now 49 in 2017.


"Can you go downstairs and play without getting into trouble please? F***!"

"Mommy is not gonna drop what she's doing every time your feet hurt! Kate, rub your own feet!"

"Teddy USE your words and tell me what's wrong! Do you feel sick? Use the words honey, I don't know what you want!"

"Get OVER here RIGHT now!"

"Do you want to have a time out!?"

"I feel as though as I've been putting 110%, I don't know if you even wanna try! I'm busting my ASS, Bobby!"


Links Edit

Elizabeth's LinkedIn page - Shows at the time of Supernanny, she was a sales associate with high net worth investment team.

Obituary for Elizabeth's mother - Shows her first name is Amy, maiden name Burnham

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