Eden Haley Addis (born April 10, 2003) is the third child of Tony and Leslie, younger sister of Jonah and Jonathan, older sister to Elijah and granddaughter of Charity.

According to her father, Eden was described as a "little princess," and was very stubborn and was prone to tantrums. She didn't know how to wipe her bottom after she used the toilet, so her mom taught her.

One night at dinnertime, Tony asks Eden to eat two of her carrots before she can eat her bread, but she refuses. Despite Leslie's authority, Eden is so stubborn that she never gives in. She eventually begins to doze off, and after 2 hours, she is sent to bed early, but then she started to behave herself after that.

She was 4 years old at the time, and is now 14 in 2017.

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