Dylan Van Acker is the son of Jessica & Kevin Van Acker and the younger brother of Emma Van Acker.

Dylan was shown to have full "control" of his family. No matter what time of the day, any screaming he could do would make everything stop and his constant tantrums ruled his parents. In addition, he downright refused to be potty trained, and would constantly scream for a diaper when he had to use the restroom. Other times, he would hold himself for over 8 hours until his parents would put on his diaper. In fact, his catchphrase is "diaper".

When the diapers were put away and he was told to put on underwear, Dylan threw a tantrum. He ran around the house naked from the waist down for 90 minutes until he finally relented and put some underwear on.

He would claim to be scared of going potty, which might have been partly due to his parents' seeming to think he had to stand up to go pee (he was clearly anxious about missing the mark). Thankfully Jo pointed out that Dylan could sit down instead.

He also downright refused to eat any real food. Nearly all the time, he would only eat food that was sugary, or a snack. However, his unhealthy diet has made him underweight and the lack of nutrition combined with iron deficiency has led to anemia, resulting to his physical weakness, tiredness, grumpiness and exhaustion, as well as getting the "dark circles" under his eyes (according to his mother).

It took some time to get Dylan to eat when Jo stepped in. When he was screaming at the dinner table, nobody was doing anything so Jo put him on time out, where his tantrum escalated, but then he cooled down. His mother stuck to her words and disciplined him when he overturned his plate.

Eventually, Dylan began to make excuses not to eat, and then bolted from the dinner table so abruptly that he tripped and flew headfirst into the kitchen cabinetry. After his mother nursed his head and took him back to the table, he came to his senses and ate some of his food within over an hour at dinner.

Dylan was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome not long after filming.

When he appeared on Supernanny, he was 3 years old. He will be 11 years old in 2018. He was born on September 11, 2007.

Quotes Edit

"Diaper? Diaper? Diaper, diaper diaper. Diaper!" (Repeat 20 times or one hour)

"Dry me"

"I am sick"

"My tummy's full"

"I wanna go potty"

"Change my diaper"