Dylan James Schumacher (born June 25, 2000) is the youngest child of Brian and Teri and the younger brother of Jessica and Alexi.

Teri called him "my beautiful little monster," because he could be horrible one minute and an angel the next. He would hit, spit and make faces at his mother with no consequences. During Observation, Jo just saw a very bored 7-year old boy who had no outlet for his energy, so he spent his energy on aggressive behavior. He also cursed, made obscene gestures and disrespected his parents.

To work out Dylan's anger and give him an outlet for his energy, Jo had Brian take Dylan to a mixed martial arts center. Dylan learned punches, and kicks, and also that fighting should be in the gym, not at home.

During Parent Evaluation, Jo learned that Dylan did not wipe his own bottom when he went to the bathroom. Teri said that she continued to help him with this because if she didn't do it, he wouldn't leave the bathroom. Once, she was in the shower for an hour and Dylan sat on the toilet that whole time, waiting for her.

He was 7 years old in 2007 of his appearance on Supernanny and as of 2017, he is 17 years old.

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