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In this Season 4 premiere, Jo visits the Drake family in Swainsboro, Georgia where Donna (39) and Billy Joe (42) have three children: almost 5-year-old daughter Josie and 3 and a half year old twins Jared & Justin.

Billy Joe and Donna are very overprotective of their active, lively young kids & rely on Donna's mother Mimi (who lives next door to them) to help care for Josie, Jared & Justin.

Jo goes on vacation with the Drakes to teach them how to keep an eye on their kids and provide boundaries in a calm, empowering way. Can Jo help the Drake family out?


  • This is the first episode to have new music from this season until the series cancellation in 2011.
  • This is the first episode that Mom and Dad call Supernanny for help. In other episodes, parents say "hi" at the beginning of the submission reel.
  • This is the second vacation episode. The vacation is at a campground.
  • This episode was originally going to air on November 16, 2007, but on November 2, it was announced it was delayed to January 2, 2008 due to a Stevenson High School bomb threat on October 30, 2007.
  • This is the first episode since the Season 1 episodes to start in January.
  • This episode was filmed in June, 2007.


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Best TV of the Week - Parents Television Council, 1/10/2010 - Includes episode summary detailing more of the parents' cautious ways

Emanuel County Live - Local news website, with many small town items such as "Jared Drake killed his first deer" and "Josie Drake celebrates 7th birthday with a pool party."

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