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Episode summary Edit


Jo teaches Brandy how to play with her children on Supernanny

Jo visits the Doyle family where young couple Brandy and Doug Doyle are struggling with their three children: 5-year-old Sara, 3-year-old Lizzy and 20-month-old Andrew.

Sara acts stubborn & has even cut her own hair with her mother's sewing kit, Lizzy's aggressive behavior is about get her expelled from preschool and baby Andrew tends to whine all day long.

Brandy spends the majority of her time cleaning the house, leaving her children with nothing to do all day.

When Doug comes home from work, he just sits on the couch, leaving Brandy to discipline the kids by herself. At the parents' meeting, Jo makes it clear to the parents that they're both lazy.

Can Jo help the Doyles control their children and get the parents to start being more lively?

Recap Edit

Episode recap on

Video Edit

Parts 1, 2 and 3 on DailyMotion (dubbed in French)

Trivia Edit

This is the last episode to have the original Submission Reel music and music from Seasons 1 to 3.

This is the final Family Update episode of Season 4.

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