The Douglas Family is the fourth episode of Series 2 of the British Supernanny show.


"Mum Sandra is frustrated that her four year old twins listen more to dad than they do to her. In fact, she seems to have no control over them at all and regularly finds herself at the mercy of their tag team tantrum tactics. They’re at their very worst when she takes them out; they scream and kick, lie in the street, throw items around the supermarket and generally embarrass their long-suffering mother. Can Supernanny bring order to the chaos?" -


Jo arrives at the school and meets the twins and their mum, and when mum picks them from school, Sandra puts Nicole into her seat and she isn't very happy, Nicole then refuses to put her belt on her seat and throws a temper tantrum. Sandra was forced to call Doug to help her, Doug managed to get Nicole from Sandra's car to his and takes her home. and when they got home, Nicole refuses to get changed out of her school uniform and throws a spectacular outburst, Doug takes Nicole to her bedroom and calms her down.

Later on, the family goes out shopping, and Nicole first misbehaved during shopping and later George misbehaved too and punches and kicks his dad, and Nicole calms herself down.

Parent meeting



Doug warns George for being unkind to Nicole, so George breaks the rule and cries, and Doug puts him to the cool-down area, Doug drags as George hits him and put him there, and Doug tells him to stay in the cool-down area until dad comes to get him and walks away. George has to spend 4 minutes in the cool-down area, George then throws stuff, Doug comes to the cool-down area and tells him to say sorry, but George refuses, so he has to spend some more time in the cool-down area until he says sorry, and continues throwing stuff, and when Doug comes in, he tells him to say sorry, and this time, George says sorry, and he must say sorry to Nicole too, George says sorry to Nicole, and hugs each other, but George has to be punished for his actions, So his plane moves down a level in the reward chart.

Family test run

By the end of the week, George was being put to the cool-down area for 5 minutes for being aggressive to his mum and swears, bites, and punches his mum. and when Sandra walks away, he throws stuff at mum, and now George has to spend another 5 minutes in the cool-down area for throwing things at his mom. And the next day, George refuses to change out of his school uniform and hitting dad, so Doug puts George in the cool-down area for hitting, then George swears, punches, and then threw a beanbag at dad, so Doug loses it. Sandra comes in and puts George back in the cool-down area, and instead of putting George in the cool-down area, Doug gives up and bundles and locked George to his room.




Person Age Relation to Family
Doug Douglas N/A Father
Sandra Douglas N/A Mother
George 4 Son
Nicole 4 Daughter


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