Dwight Douglas Doyle (born October 6, 1980) is the dad of SaraLizzy and Andrew and husband to Brandy.

He worked in landscaping and claimed his job was so physically exhausting, he had the right to do nothing when he came home. During Observation, he sat down to watch TV for two hours, ignoring his children while they climbed all over him for his attention. However, the next day Jo had him pick up the kids from daycare and spend time with them fingerpainting and blowing bubbles. He said he didn't miss the TV then. Like his wife, he was a bit of a pushover. Brandy felt Doug did not do anything around the house unless she asked him to.

He has nine brothers, both older and younger.

He was 25 years old at the time and is now 38 years old in 2018.

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