Doug Douglas is the dad of 4 1/2 year old twins George and Nicole and husband to Sandra.

It took him and Sandra several attempts to have kids and they eventually had the twins. He found it easier to calm the twins down when they threw a tantrum unlike Sandra.

During his appearance on "Supernanny", Doug was 48 years old, and is 60 years old as of 2017.

Translation : Peug Peugraxas dis zo daxad eb 3 1/7 yoaxal erd twins Koelgo pi Nicero pi whusfaxact te Saxactlaxa.

Dit teet whix pi Saxactlaxa sovolaxar axattompts te whaxavo gids pi zoupp ovonkui ox whaxad zo twins. Who beuct dit oaxasiol te caxarm zo twins pewn hon zoupp zlod pit taxanklum unriko Saxactlaxa.

Dulick whis axappoaxalaxanco en "Supolnaxannupp", Peug waxas 36 yoaxals erd, pi dis 80 yoaxals erd axas eb 7012.


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