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Brenda is on the verge of giving up as Zachary runs around the house to try and avoid discipline, while Erin cries in pain (during Observation)

Jo visits the Dostal Family in Wesley Chapel, Florida where Bill (44) & Brenda (38) have two children: 5-year-old son Zachary and 3-year-old daughter Erin.

Zachary constantly misbehaves. He has chased his mom around the house and has even scratched her to the point where she has bled. Because of his behavior, little sister Erin is left out & even play dates are a disaster.

Jo is quick to realize that the reason for Zachary's behavior is because of his parents' issues with each other.

Bill blames Brenda for the way Zachary is acting while Brenda doesn't trust Bill to control his anger when he deals with the kids. Because of their issues, the communication between them has shut down.

Brenda worries that their marriage could be on the line if they don't get help. Can Jo help the Dostals out and teach them how to control their son's behavior?

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  • This is the third episode in Florida since the Bruno Family.
  • This episode does not show any of the standard Supernanny techniques, such as a family routine, rules or timeout. Instead, the focus is on building trust, patience and relationships through communication and gentle playtime.
  • This episode was filmed in October, 2007.

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Stressed Mother Admits She Wants A Divorce - Supernanny US YouTube channel (from Observation)

Mother's Friends Feel Sorry For Her Situation - Supernanny US YouTube channel (from Observation)

Father Is Too Rough When Disciplining Kids - Supernanny US YouTube channel (from Teaching). Brenda explains that she does not trust Bill to discipline Zachary because she's afraid he'll lose his temper and get too rough. Jo sees footage of Bill shoving Zachary to the floor while Brenda is out of the room, then lying about it when Brenda comes back. Jo then confronts Bill about it at a second parent meeting.

The Touching Game - Supernanny US YouTube channel (from Teaching)

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Wesley Chapel Family Featured In 'Supernanny' - Tampa Tribune, 2/5/2008.

Oh, Behave, Supernanny Jo Tells Wesley Chapel Family Tonight - Tampa Tribune, 2/6/2008. We learn that the Dostals have lived in several states. Both are civil engineers, but she is now a stay-at-home mother. Bill, 45, works for a construction firm. They have lived in Wesley Chapel for five years. A secret is also revealed about Zachary; he was diagnosed with ADHD not long after filming.

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