Devin Patrick Nitti (born March 21st, 2000) is the middle son of Lisa, stepson of John, younger brother to Darren and Matthew, and older brother to Jared.

Due to his aggressive behavior, Devin was the worst behaved child out of his brothers & his aggressive behavior controlled the house. During Observation, he was seen being held in a "headlock" (according to Jo) and violently attacking his mother because his sword was taken away. He then kicked off in the car in the afternoon because his sword was taken away. He kicked his mother and behave so badly that his mother decided they were no going anywhere, shocking Jo. Later, when Devin decided he was ready he kicked off again, and when Lisa drove two blocks he was pushed to the floor by Darren. Lisa had to stop the car, place Devin back in his seatbelt and drive all the way back home.

During Teaching, Lisa spent 3 hours trying to keep Devin in the Naughty Corner, and started to behave better after the introduction of the Chill-Out Area and the Reward Charts.

According to his older brother, Darren, Devin treated their mother like she's a punching bag. At the Parent's Meeting Lisa told Jo Devin started to misbehave as a baby.

Sometime after Supernanny, Devin was diagnosed with Autism (Aspergers Syndrome), Bipolar and ADHD.

Devin was 6 years old when his family appeared on Supernanny and as of 2018, he is now 18 years old.


  • "The naughty corner SUCKS!"
  • "Sometimes, I need to chill out"
  • "Give me my sword!"
  • "Shut your ******* mouth!"