Denise Ann Bruno (née Demarco), (born May 24, 1968) is the wife of John Bruno and the mother of Mariah, Taylor, Isabella and Samantha Bruno.

Denise is a licensed nurse at the Personal Pediatric Care Center in Trinity, Florida, and has a Bachelor's Degree in Health & Physical Education from Baldwin Wallace College in and her Masters in Exercise Physiology from the University of Akron while living in Ohio.

She was born in New Hampshire and moved to Ohio as a child. She has lived in Florida since 2002 where she received her license in Massage Therapy and worked for the Department of Children & Families (DCF), doing therapeutic massage for children & adults with disabilities.

She also worked as an adjunct instructor at Rasmussen College, a wellness coach for Cigna Health and performed hearing tests on newborn babies.

During the show she was seen struggling with screamers Bella and Sam and also handling therapy with Mariah. Like Chris Clarke, she would resort to putting Isabella in her room till she would calm down.

Denise was 38 years old at the time of her appearance on Supernanny and as of 2018, she is 50 years old.


  • "Sam, GET OVER HERE!"
  • "Stop it! Bella, STOP IT!"
  • "I gave you a chance."
  • ”I will open the door when I don’t hear you kicking.”
  • "You ran across the street and the car could've hit you and went.... ISABELLA, I will talk to you, when YOU look at me and take ME seriously."
  • "Look at me, and get QUIET please. I put YOU in your time out because YOU ran across the street! What do I expect you to do when you go outside?"
  • "No YOU look at me and TELL me you're sorry OR your going to stay here longer! I DON'T understand you!"
  • "I want an apology.”

“And it wasn't in a nice way!"

  • "I accept that, now go play nicely please, AND you are staying in the house!"
  • "Don't slap me!"
  • Would you sit Down?
  • YOUR’E SWINGING THAT AROUND and I don’t want YOU TO PLAY With it!
  • Why do you fight over everything?!