Episode summary Edit

Jo visits the Del Re family in Staten Island, New York where Joe & Adele have three children: 9-year-old daughter Clarissa and 4-year-old fraternal twins Peter & Deanna.

The twins throw tantrums, bite, slap, throw & hits everyone which overshadows well-behaved older sister Clarissa.

Adele & Joe have resorted to yelling to control their kids. Even though Joe is a police officer and can control the streets, he has a hard time controlling his kids. Joe is over protective of Clarissa.

Can Jo help the Del Re family find a peaceful solution to their problems and teach them to control their out-of-control twins?

Trivia Edit

  • Deanna is one of the few children on Supernanny who deliberately wet their pants during timeout. Thankfully, Jo advised Adele not to give in to this clear ploy to get out of timeout, so Adele did not clean Deanna up until timeout was over.
  • During The Family Test Run Jo Caught A Cold And That's Why Her Voice Sounds Stronger During Parents Evaulation And Reinforcement.

Family membersEdit

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