Deirdre Facente (born January 28, 1978) is the mum of Kayla, Marlana and Tristin and wife of Trae.

In the Submission Reel, she complained that the twins hung around her all the time when they had all sorts of toys to play with. She felt exhausted and barely keeping her head above water having to deal with Tristin, the twin's demands for her attention and keeping up the house.

However, during Observation, Jo noted that Deirdre provided no stimulation or attention for her children. She spent more time on the internet than with her children.

During the Parent Meeting, Jo pointed out that Deirdre is 27, not 87 and asked what happened to her joy in life. Deirdre said that she felt like such a failure as a parent that it was hard to enjoy being one.

She was 27 at the time and is now 40 in 2018.

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