Deborah Louise "Debbie" Seniors is the mum of Bethany (aged 5) Ruth (aged 3) and Hannah (aged 2).

Ever since her husband Andy passed away, Debbie had found looking after the girls challenging and at times she was very aggressive and hostile towards them according to Jo. She often relied on her dad & mum to look after the children when she went to work.

She also comes from Foleshill Coventry. She juggles two jobs with bringing up her three daughters, and had to spend hours getting 2 of them to sleep at night.

She was 40 years old at the time and is now 52 in 2017.


I'm not messin'! I am tired and I had enough! Every night it's the same!


  1. It was notably mentioned that she had two jobs while on Supernanny, but the episode doesn't make it clear which jobs they were.