Episode summary Edit

Jo visits the DeMello family in Taunton, Massachussetts where Dyane (40) & Don (43) have three young children: 6-year-old son Damon, 4-year-old son Dante & 2-year-old daughter Gianna.

Don & Dyane have a hard time controlling their kids' misbehavior. Even Don has to psych himself up to enter his own house. Dyane appears to be running out of energy and patience.

Can Jo help the DeMello family out?

Meanwhile, 2-year-old Gianna is starting to picking up Damon & Dante's explosive behavior.

In the news Edit

‘Supernanny’ settles in with city family - Taunton Daily News, 2/20/2009.

Necessary changes for family - Taunton Daily News, 3/15/2009.

Family membersEdit

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