David Paul Quinn (born December 5, 1960) is the dad of Cally, Casey, Corey and Carli and husband to Gina.

He often made situations worse with his kids by laughing and causing it in the first place. During Teaching, Jo had the kids explain to their parents how they were "full of hot air" by giving an example of statement they made but didn't back up with actions, then blowing up a balloon and letting it fly through the air. David kept laughing and giggling each time a balloon flew through the air with its spluttering noise. Jo took him aside gave him stern words about needing to be serious about Teaching. David said he felt like he was going to the principal's office, but knew Jo was right to set him straight.

He was 47 at the time and is now 57 in 2017.

Links Edit

David's Facebook page - It shows he is single and a physical therapist at BAYADA Home Health Care.

David's LinkedIn page - It shows BAYADA Home Health Care is in Newton, Massachusetts. Also shows he has doctorates in Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Medicine, and earned his Bachelors at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts.