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The Daniels Family take part in a quiz about the children's likes and dislikes that shows how little Steve and Lisa know their children

Jo heads to Murrieta, California to help the Daniels family where Lisa (34) & Steve (32) have a 13-year-old son named Josh and five out-of-control daughters: 12-year-old Halley 8-year-old Alexus, 7-year-old Alisen, 4-year-old Irelyn and 2-year-old Brynleigh.

Whilst oldest child Joshua is hidden away in his room playing video games, his younger sisters constantly act out by spitting at each other, hitting each other, even making threats towards each other.

While Lisa refers to her daughter Alexus (who loves to spit) as a "wild animal," Halley is the only child in the house referred to as the problem child, and the only kid to be given chores (and she hardly does anything wrong). When dinnertime comes around, nobody even eats in the dining room.

Steve & Lisa have basically given up on trying to discipline their kids. Jo makes it clear to them that they're lazy and they need to grow up. Lisa doesn't listen, but Steve takes it to heart. Jo and Lisa have a showdown when Lisa refuses to give Brynleigh a timeout.

Can Jo help these parents stop being lazy and start acting like parents?

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Jo swears in this episode! She "called bullshit" on Lisa saying Jo should go downstairs and discipline Brynleigh for her (since Jo, not Lisa, put Brynleigh in timeout in the first place).

This Episode Was Filmed In August 2007.

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Caught in the crash, Murrieta family nears losing it all - North County Times, January 1, 2010. Depressing story about how Steve and Lisa took out a loan bigger than they could afford, could not get it refinanced and are on the verge of losing their home.

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