When Supernanny met the Cooke Family two years ago, Meghann was a tough nut to crack. When Meghann was 9, she ruled the roost, terrorized her sisters, and exploded at every given moment. Meanwhile Gabriella who was 6 and Erin who was 4 were beginning to copy Meghann’s violent temper. Supernanny made a difference then, but are the explosive tempers still tamed?

When Jo returns 2 years later, Meghann (11), Gabriella (8) and Erin (6). Now Erin is still copying Meghann's old behavior. The biggest change in the family since Jo has left has been the relationship between Meghann and her mom. However, Denise (46) still tidies up after the kids. Paul (46) comes home to a much happier house.

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