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Jo returns to the UK to help the Cooke family with their three disgustingly behaved daughters: 9-year-old Meghann, 6-year-old Gabriella, and 4-year-old Erin. Paul (44) works as a fireman at the fire station. Denise (44) has a part-time admin job.

Meghann is very explosive. She's angry, sometimes aggressive, mostly to her sisters, and sometimes to her parents and once to Jo during teaching, hitting, biting, scratching, pushing, rubbing, and very bossy. She yells, talks back, and can fly off the handle with emotion. Mum reacts to it, by yelling at her and sometimes aggression.

Meanwhile, Gabriella and Erin are picking up Meghann's pathetic behavior. They are starting to put up a fight with Meghann or they will instigate the fight (sometimes they'll try to instigate but Meghann can prepared for it) and being very disrespectful to their parents.

Can Jo help Mum and Dad control the girls' especially Meghann

when Jo visited it was

Meghann 9 (original) 11 (revisit)

Gabriella 6 (original) 8 (revisit)

Erin 4 (original) 6 (revisit)


This episode was filmed in July 2005, as stated in 100th anniversary episode special.


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