Submission ReelEdit


Jason: Hi, I am Jason Collins.

Karen: Hi, I am Karen Collins .

Jason: And we are here to talk about our four children starting with Ben, he's the eldest.

Jason: He's 10. He encourages the little ones to do naughy stuff.

Karen Ben dont encourage him

Ben: I love to be naughty. I know it aint smart its stupid. I love to be stupid.

Karen: Lauren is probably the calmer one of the children, but she does have her moments.

Karen: Lauren, can you stop that please?

Jason: And Joshua. He's the middle one of the boys. He's 6. He wants to do a lot of fighting. And Joseph who is 4.

Karen He s very aggressive.

Karen Joshua no Stop it

Karen He just picks something up .. throw it and smash it.

Karen Pouring all my shampoos and things out.

Karen Joseph

Karen They do spit at me.

Jo look at this spitting they're like camels

Jason all the childrens language is terrible.

Ben ***********

Joshua **********

Ben *********

Karen Ben can you stop swearing please

Ben ********

Jason i think Karen is too soft on the children .

Karen Ben can you please stop Swearing?

Karen i always feel like they re against me.

Karen When i go out in public.

Karen its just really hmiliating...

Karen ... and make me look like a failure, really.

Karen When he comes home from work...

Karen ...their behavior instantly changes.

Jason Ben, now.

Karen Because they know he will punish them.

Jason You think you re funny ?

Jason Go and do your reading now.

Jason if they re naughty. i ll shout at em.

Jason Josh now

Jason Send him up.

Karen Alright i m taking him.

Jason We just dont t agree on the way we discipline the children.

Jason So we end up fighting with each other.

Morning Routine Edit

Karen Joshua get upstairs i said up lets get ready for school

Karen Joshua Come here

Karen Josh

Ben Look what he just done.

Karen No bitting can we go to school?

Karen Joshua Come here right now

Children home from school Edit

Ben Don,t make me whack you.

Karen Ben

Karen Ben put it down

Karen No ben don,t do that

Karen Stop it

Joshua Mom , you ,re crying

Karen i just can,t cope with them. they,re just...

Karen i know it,s hard to be strong...

Karen i,ve just had enough really.

Karen No no no come on Stop it

Karen Ben your gonna break something Stop it

Karen Stop it

Karen Ben please dont bang the window

Teaching Begins Edit

Naughty Zone Technique Edit

Joseph i ve done a wee.

Jo: he peed in the middle of the floor like a dog

Karen I want an apology joe

Joseph No

Karen back in your room now come on

Joseph (wining)

Joseph you ************

Joseph **********

Jo just ignore him

Jo I can't believe this 4 year old was giving his mom the finger it's just disgusting

Jo while Joseph was in the Naughty zone Ben swore at his mother and placed Ben into another Naughty Zone

Karen Ben you can come out when you stop swearing

Karen Ben in there now

Ben No

Joseph Let me go

Ben Sorry.

Karen no More Swearing okay

Joseph i m Sorry.

Jo Karen deal with that

Jo you do not spit at any body face because that behavior is unaceptable do you understand me now stay in your room

Lauren Oww

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