Citarella Family
US Season 4, US Episode 14
Air Date April 9, 2008
Techniques Naughty Corner
Previous Addis Family
Next Schrage Family

Episode summaryEdit


Jo at DVD meeting, wondering if anything she says will make Debbie stop laughing at everything

Jo Frost heads to Scotch Plains, New Jersey to meet Debbie and Joe Citarella. They have four children and no control over them. Even though Joe is a cop, he can’t control his children. Debbie finds the children’s misbehavior hilarious and laughs about it. Rebecca and sister Sarah are hard to control and set in their ways. Hannah has made a habit of shoplifting and Joshua is a little brute.


Debbie's Pinterest page of family road trips

Tips on Road Tripping Facebook page -  Another record of family road trips

Tips on Road Tripping blog - More newsy, with actual tips, but still records family road trips

Crowdfunding page to support repairing the family dog's hip

Family membersEdit

Video Edit

Full Citarella Family episode on YouTube

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