Christopher Norman Duan (born November 22, 1998) is the oldest child of Angela and Forrest and the older brother of Isabella, Lawrence, Benjamin and Charlotte.

Christopher didn't take his parents very seriously by disrespecting his parents' authority and laughing about it. He also talked back. He was seen in the Reflection chair 3-4 times in the episode. He also mocked his father by pulling a rude Chinese gesture to him.

He was 9 on Supernanny and he is now 19 in 2017.


  • "Stop looking at me!"
  • "Cuz, I kept my hands to myself."
  • "I'm ripping her homework" (after he took Isabella's homework from her and is about to tear it to pieces)!
  • "No, it doesn't" (after Isabella screamed at him, "THAT STILL COUNTS!!!", which happened after he spat in her face)!
  • "But we don't have to respect the exterior!" (when reading the new House Rules and finding a rule about being respectful of the new house)
  • "Even this corner?"
  • "You don't have to carry my backpack!!!!'


Athlete profile on BeRecruited - Shows last name Duan, and parents' names. He currently attends Kent School and will graduate in 2017 (he already graduated before).

Christopher's Facebook page - Christopher Duan

Christopher's YouTube channel