Colleen: Don't kick Mommy

Chris: Don't put your hands on me

Corey: Open the door Mommy or I'm gonna go the garage way.

Colleen: Come on Corey

Chase: I hate you! Get away from me you animal!

Chris: Don't do that

Chris: Don't pinch me

Chase: I hate you Mommy.

Chase: Get away from me. I'm gonna kill you

Colleen: Ouch

Obervation begins Edit

Coleen: chase oh Chace has locked us out now

Jo chase has locked you out of the house

Collen yep he did

colleen chase open the door noe

Chase: No !

Chase: Get out !

Chase: Get out !

Chase: Who broke the door ?

Jo: Oh dear

Chase: Not there.

Chase: i didn't brake it.

Chris: You broke the door

Chase: I didn't

Chase: I didn't break it.

Chase: Candy!

Chris: Don't hit me

Chase: Go away!

Chase: No

Jo: Sorry

Chase: Go away!

Chase: No!

Chase: No!

Colleen: Dont push Mommy

Colleen: Don't pinch at me

Colleen: You did break it

Chris: Dont put your hands on me

Colleen: Can you say please?

Colleen: Stop now

Colleen: Chase, open the door now

Colleen: Can you please open the door?

Corey: Where's my candy?

Dinner Time Edit

Chris: I told you no. Now get out of here

Colleen: Don't pinch me

Chris: Stop it

Chris: Did you just pinch Mommy?

Corey: I don't know ?

Chris: Now go sit down

Corey: You did that for she.

Chris: That's right

Chris: Now let's go sit down

Chris: Don't curse at me and dont put your hands on your mother

Chris: Don't scratch me

Chris: Don't kick me

Chris: Don't throw at me

Chris: Come on you're going in your room

Parents Meeting Edit

Teaching begins Edit

Family Test Run Edit

Colleen: Don't hit Corey you dont hit wait a Minute Stop

Corey: I already said I'm sorry.

Colleen: you can not learn not to hit People

Corey: Why is Chase not sitting there?

Chase: Corey hurt me.

Chris: You do not hit anyone

Cool Down Area Edit

Chris time out

Chase daddy daddy daddy daddy

Chase (bleep)

Chris I'd like n apology Chace

Chris: Come here

Chase: I don't want to. My throat hurts.

Chris: Okay

Chase: Sorry!

Chase: Sorry.


Parents EvaluationEdit

Family Update Edit

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