Christopher Raymond "Chris" Christiansen (born April 17, 1973) is the father of Corey and Chase, and husband of Colleen.

An insurance agent whose work made him absent much of the time, Chris seemed a lot more tougher than his wife especially on Corey. He yells at the boys. He would come home from work and get complaints about the boys' behavior dumped on him by Colleen. But when he tried resolving things and making the boys accept responsibility for their bad behavior, Colleen would interrupt and say he was doing things wrong.

Before Jo came, Chris seemed distressed by being the main disciplinarian, Colleen not doing her share, and the constant arguments about how to discipline their children especially Chase.

He is notable for how excited he was about Jo coming to fix the problems. He really seemed to love the structure Jo put in place and was eager to follow it.

He was 32 at the time and is now 45 in 2018.

He is of Scottish and Ashkenazi Jewish (Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian) ancestry.


  • "Did you just pinch mommy? Did you?"
  • "Yeah?"
  • "Now go sit down."
  • "I’m a what?"
  • "Don't curse at me! You don't put your hands on your mother!"
  • "Come on. You’re going to your room."