Sanchia Maria "Chia" Weinstein (née Galindo) (born September 7, 1976) is the ex-wife of David Weinstein and the mother of McKenna, Christina, Julia and Robert Weinstein.

With David working out of town as a truck driver, Chia was left to care for the kids by herself. She did not do much to enforce her authority as a parent and gave up easily in the face of her children's misbehavior, which was a cause of tension between David and Chia.

During the 100th Episode Special, she revealed a daring new hairstyle and admitted she much more of a disciplinarian and there's less chaos in the house now.

She was 29 years old at the time of her appearance on Supernanny. As of 2017, she is 41 years old.


Chia's Facebook page - We learn that Chia left David in June 2014 and is in a new relationship. She also has full custody of her daughters and only son.

Chia's birth record - Gives middle name and birthdate. Her first name, maiden name and Ohio birthplace are confirmed on Robert's birth record.


  • "Get in BED!!"
  • "NO! Absolutely not!"
  • "Get in bed and LEAVE Julia alone!"
  • "Now YOU stay in here for timeout!"
  • "I've been hit, scratched, and punched! I don't wanna hear how you already got kicked and your done!"
  • "You've got to stop your seven YEARS old! It's SO getting out hand now!
  • "Quit playing in my curtains!"
  • "Say you're sorry!"
  • "Stop torturing the hamster!"