Chase Miles Christiansen (Born January 17, 2002) is the youngest child of Colleen and Chris and is the younger brother of Corey.

Chase was worse than Corey. He's very aggressive, threw tantrums, and destructive. He still drank from a bottle. During Observation, he repeatedly pinched his mother and refused to do everything she asked. He refused to leave the laundry room and while locking himself in there, broke a slat off the door to peek out. He also locked Colleen and Jo out of the house, and refused to let them back in until Colleen bribed him with candy.

When his father confronted him about whether he "broke the door," Chase lied and said he didn't break it.

When Corey finished his alligator, Chase destroyed it and was sent to the Cool Down Area.

He was 3 years old at the time of Supernanny. He is now 16 in 2018.

Sometime after Supernanny, Chase was diagnosed with ADHD.


  • "I hate you Mommy!"
  • "I want my bottle!!"
  • "No! GET OUT!!"
  • "No." (Corey whispers,"I said yes) "Yes."
  • ” I wanna keep my bottle“
  • "Who broke the door?"
  • "I didn't break it."
  • "GET OUT!!"
  • "Not there."
  • "I didn't broke it."
  • "I didn't."
  • "I didn't break it."
  • "I want it!"