Life has been tough for the Charles family since the birth of their twins 15 months ago. Their once well-behaved four-year-old Jacob now lashes out at his younger siblings, and worse still, mum Amanda (29) and dad Kevin (36) are at loggerheads about how to manage their three under-fives.

The twins Isabelle and Maxwell cry continuously, Jacob demands constant attention and the parents haven’t had an uninterrupted night's sleep in years. Luckily for the family, twins are Supernanny’s specialty, but will it all be plain sailing?

First, the problem of sleepless nights needs to be addressed, and then Jacob's jealousy of the twins has to be sorted out. But the toughest battle of all is getting Amanda and Kevin working together more closely and practicing the same approach to childcare.

Does the challenge prove too much for Supernanny?

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