Chandler William Orm (born November 6th 1995) is the eldest child of Tammy and Shawn. He is the older brother of Caden and Declan.

Although he roughhoused with his brothers, he seemed very tolerant and kind to them. He could be very well-spoken at times. When frustrated, he had a hard time expressing himself, and he would backtalk and can be defiant.

As the oldest boy, Chandler often seemed to be standing to the side wondering when his parents would gain control of the younger boys. When Jo introduced the family routine and house rules, Chandler said that he thought they were good. When Caden refused to eat dinner, Chandler tried to help the situation by offering Caden two dollars if he ate (which Tammy promptly shut down).

He found homework very stressful and pent up his feelings about it. Encouraged by Jo, he explained that he preferred doing homework with Tammy because Shawn yelled at him in first grade about his work. He seemed very upset about having to admit this, but felt better after Shawn apologized for yelling in the past and reassured Chandler that he should always let him know when homework gets upsetting for him.

He was eight years old on the tape date. He is now 22 years old as of 2017.

Quotes Edit

  • "I hope it gets you wet!" (to Tammy, about the street cleaner)
  • "You know why I wanna do it alone? 'Cause YOU!" (to Tammy, about doing his homework)

Links Edit

Chandler's Facebook page

Chandler's Instagram - Includes a November 2016 post celebrating his 21st birthday

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