Catherine "Cathy" Webb (née Winfrey) is the wife of Arthur and the mother of Josef, Paige and Madison.

She was a full-time professional and a work at home mom. She basically acted as a single parent because Arthur was out of town working 6 days a week. She would often deal with the kids alone even when Arthur was at home. Because of her working at home, she utilized technology, such as television and video games, to babysit her kids. However, she did relinquish the technology and took some time to her kids, through a scheduled routine prepared by Jo during teaching.

These days, Cathy is part of an organization called "Shining on Down - African American Children with Down Syndrome" which brings awareness to and about African American children who have Down Syndrome.[1]

She was 42 years old at the time she appeared on Supernanny and as of 2016, she is 54 years old.


  • It wasn't mentioned on Supernanny, but Cathy had an ear tumor during filming. She has had dizzying spells as a result of her Ear Tumor.[2]


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Cathy Webb on Facebook.

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