That means not spanking their kids, not giving them soap or blaming their kids.


  • Danielle Minyon: "The cops are going to come and get Mommy if you're not at school."
  • Donna Mihalik: "Do not say that!" (to her 8-year old son about saying a bad word)
  • Tammy Orm: "Caden, you're in this room because Mommy warned you not to hit your brother."
  • Forrest Duan: "Christopher, if someone is talking to you, you should listen to them." "We have to respect every corner of this house."
  • Michelle Smith: "Nate, can you pick up the cranberries off of the floor?" "That's why we use a cup, it's evolutionary adaptation, sweetie."
  • Will Smith: "This is why we don't do that." "Stop, red light!" "Nate, if you keep playing with the electricity, you're going to time out." "Timeout isn't a game, it's a consequence."
  • Terry Jackson: "Five minutes. (2x) Stay in your room. Don't kick your door!"
  • Patricia Hallenbeck: "Well, Grandma cares."
  • Iris: "Ryan, will you stop it please?"
  • Teri Schumacher: "You are so ungrateful, some of these people don't have homes!" (to her 14-year old daughter about her behavior at a shelter for the homeless)
  • Jimmy Phelps: "No!" "Hey, you don't run!" "Don't tell me no. Let's go."