"You can leave, you *****! Holly Tafoya

"Open the ****** ****** door! Danielle Silva

"Get your *** in bed!" Mike James

"This happy *** naughty corner is not working!" Jenniffer Bowersock

"You dress like a ****!" Phil Davis

"I'm going to ******* throw it away!" Jimmy Tafoya quoted.

"Do what you like, Mary-Anne, because I think you're an absolute ******* *******" Wendy Agate quoted.[1]

"Do you wanna play it? Then play it! I'm sitting here and doing this *********!" Amy Phelps quoted

"I'll knock the **** out of you!" Kerry Hillhouse quoted

"Ashley, turn the hell around and shut up!" Michelle Martinez quoted

” When he bites me I want to beat his ***.” Ashley McKinney quoted