Children who are disrespectful who said words to their Parents or their younger/older siblings

  • "Get out the way fart face/stinky ***; "you stupid *******"; "You need to do the flipping thing, stinky head balls" Lewis Brown quoted.
  • "You are a fat ***** x2"; You *****, you're ******, you're never supposed to be in my family, because you're a fat *****!" Mary-Anne Agate quoted.
  • "Shut up, you big *****"; "I hate you you big fat big big *****! You big fat *****!"; "You naughty fat *********!"; "******!!" Tyler Williams quoted.
  • "You shut your mouth",; "Dad Lewis just told me to **** off" Rhys Brown quoted.
  • "SHUT UP ******!!"; "******* ******" Rhys Howat quoted.
  • "My friend thinks you're a *****, and so do I." Meghann Cooke quoted.
  • "**** YOU, GO HOME!", "I said their ******* idiots!" Sean Haines quoted.
  • "I ******* HATE YOU!", "You fat *******!", "You little ****!", "I'M GONNA BE ******* LATE!" "I wish you ******** were dead!" Cameron Hancox Smith quoted.
  • "You're such an ***!" Caila Clause quoted.
  • "Jo Jo is ********."; "You shut the **** up!" Riley Silva quoted.
  • "Nice little boy my ***! I'm not a nice little boy" Brandon Clause quoted.
  • "Yes *******" Matthew Morris quoted.
  • "My mummy says I can be a little ***** sometimes" Jamie Pandit quoted.
  • "I ******** hate you!", "You're a *******!" Declan Docherty quoted.
  • "Shut up, Daddy, you silly ***** you!" Tegan-Olivia Lambert quoted.