These are children who refuse to eat things.

"I don't like carrots!" Eden Addis quoted.

"No dinner!" Louis Brickley quoted.

"I don't want it!" Andrew Weston quoted,

"Not a bite!" (x7) Caden Orm quoted.

"I'm not eating that because it's not mixed up!" Isabella Jackson quoted.

"It's yuck!", "I don't want it!" " Dylan Evans quoted.

"I don't want the corn." Aiden McGrath quoted.

"I don't want that!" Erica Winter quoted.

"Ew, I don't like those!" Carlo Colombo quoted.

"If i dare touch it with my lips, I'm going to be sick!", "EW!" (x6), "I'm not going to eat anything for the rest of my life!", "Can we stop this eating?" Brandon Bixley quoted.

"I don't want it!" Ryan Tafoya quoted.

"I don't want a boiled egg!" Erin Bates quoted.

"I don't like that!" Kristin Baulisch quoted.

"I don't want pizza! I want a hotdog instead!" Ryan Sachs quoted.

"I wanted one!" Will Jackson quoted.

"I don't want this for dinner!" Chantal Carsley quoted.

"I won't eat this!", "NO WAY!" (In response to his dad's suggestion to try healthy food) Sean Evans quoted.