These parents didn't lose control over their children.

"Meghann, Reflection Room please?. In you go. Meghann?! Right, you're coming down on the board too!"; "Meghann, Pajamas! Now!" Paul Cooke quoted.

"What are you doing with my curtains?"; "Say you're sorry!"; "Don't torture the hamster!" Chia Weinstein quoted

"Ah ah ah, don't even start!"; "Aaron, you know you don't talk with food in your mouth!" Aaron Newton Sr. quoted.

"Jianni, no!"; "Why are you playing with that, why?" Tamara Amouri quoted.

"Ben, don't encourage him!"; "Joshua, look, there's a car there!" Karen Collins quoted.

"Don't say that to me, okay if I have to ask you again, you will go in the naughty mat okay" "You tried to get out of doing your reading, yes you were. Say it again then you will go to the time out mat" Jen Bullard quoted.

"Stop it Matthew!" "Why did you throw the gun for?" "Why did you throw the gun?" "Why are you being naughty?" "You musn't threaten people with knifes and forks, that's naughty!" Darren Morris quoted.

"Ryan, will you stop it please?" Iris Ball quoted.

"Gimme that fork!" Shaun Keilen quoted.

"You're not going to stand in a refrigerator" Ken Clause quoted

"It's not funny anymore, you got me?" "Nicolas, please stop that right now!" Nicolas, come on, I'd expect more of that than you, come on, stand up!" Paul Cantoni quoted.

"Oy Oy!" "Tashan, get down from there." Ramesh Abbas quoted.