Parents who hate Jo Frost's help


"I could speak for my wife and myself. Your tact is way off on how you approached us. We want to talk about respect. This is our house. People don't come into my house and talk to me the way you just did." "I think she's full of s***" Bill Bailey quoted

"In my opinion, Jo's in fantasy land" "7:00 on weekends is just not happening for me" "We can move on from this subject. I don't know what you're gonna do, but I know what I'm gonna do." "When I have them alone, I'm gonna use a firm tap" "I don't think we should move the bedroom right now." "It's now a game" "I don't have a commitment to the technique" Arthur Webb quoted

"I'm thinking, 'Why do I even try?' They think I'm a joke" "We got our butts spanked when we were little. We knew not to do it again" "It does not, but that is what I will continue to do until I can find something that's gonna work." "Soap does not...It's not gonna kill em" "I feel it does" "What about me? I mean I am trying. I am doing what I know to do. I don't have this whole 'loving mother' background. I am doing with the best I have. I'm not here to sugar coat, 'Oh yeah, I don't spank'. I spank! I yell! That's me! If you can show me something that works better, I am open to that! I am bringing to you what I know." "It's taking all I have not to whip em" "I can't do this" Jenniffer Bowersock quoted

"Instead of beating her up about it, tell her what she should do." "Want me to let him throw everything in the yard in the pool? I'll put up with this as long as I can" "I can stop this. Obviously not working." "That's me" (2x) "What do you want to hear, lady?" John (Nitti Family) quoted

"You come here in front of me and my wife and bring up a divorce as if we're about to get a divorce! You turn us into something that is not" "I don't respect Jo taking him out there by himself and putting words in his mouth!" "At this point, I don't care what any of you all have to say" "I'm not talking to you" (2x) "I hope you're happy" Greg Benton quoted

"No, and she's not usually like this!" "I'm gonna tell you right now, she's never like that! I want a break!" "No, she's never like that!" "Yes, but not to make my 2-year-old behave like that!" "If you guys can back off." "Having you guys here is making her frustrated!" Lisa Daniels quoted

"I refuse to believe that! It's always easier to deal with somebody else's children, but until you have your own" "No, it's not arrogant! It's the truth" "I'm giving you a chance" "You can't come to a better assessment about my family than I can!" Mike James quoted

"Me putting soap in my kid's mouth that's $%@&$, no, as far as I'm concerned, you can leave, you b**ch" "That's it, The interview's over!" Holly Tafoya quoted

"When she says everything I do is wrong I just want to beat her @$$!" Bill Dostal quoted

"I Have No Respect That It Doesn't Matter What I Do." "I Just Get Where I Can't Take It Anymore and my Blood gets Boiling Before I Actually make them do Something." "The Only Way I can Control him when he does that is to hold him." "He Didn't Bite Me So He Didn't Hurt Me I wasn't hurting him." Lisa Nitti quoted