This category contains articles of parents who are a little bit disrespectful, but mostly well behaved.

"Stop it! Sit down!", "DON'T YOU HIT ME!", "YOU DON'T HIT MOMMY!", "SKYLER!", "STOP IT!", "Skyler, don't hit Mommy! That is not nice!", "YOU DON'T KICK!", "The cops are going to come get Mommy if you're not at school!", "Do you want to get dressed or do you want to go to school in your pajamas?" Danielle Minyon quoted

"DON'T PUSH ME!", "You have lost serious privileges!", "How many times do I need to tell you stop locking the freaking door?", "Don't you flip me off!", "You put that finger right where it belongs!", "Brandon, you're 11 years old, stop it!", "Now, you lost a privilege!" Lorie Clause quoted