Children who are just little well behaved, but mostly disrespectful.

  • "I thanks the fairies!" Matthew Morris quoted.
  • "Mum you're crying" Joshua Collins quoted.
  • "Look what he just done" Ben Collins quoted.
  • "Someone's at the door" Sophia Steer quoted.
  • "I just don't think right" James Tafoya quoted.
  • "I'm angry because I keep messing around, and it always ends up in a big fight, and I keep getting in trouble!", "I'm done being out of control and keep getting the Naughty Corner." Daniel Prescott, Jr. quoted.
  • "I like Jo Jo." Josie Drake quoted.
  • "Really? Okay, go on the naughty step." Jadyn Siemer quoted.
  • "Are you crying?" Gwen Marko quoted.
  • “Sorry Mom.”, "I'll open it for you." Zachary Dostal quoted.
  • "Listen and be patient" Hunter Beck quoted
  • "Jo taught my family." Cameron Banjany quoted.
  • "It's more than good, it's fantastic!" Devin Nitti quoted.
  • "No biting, Gab!" Nicholas Cantoni quoted.
  • "You're in trouble!" Tyler Tafoya quoted.
  • "Mommy! I ate the things that were right here!" Jonathan Addis quoted.
  • "He stabbed me in the back!" Matthew Nitti quoted
  • "Mom, watch out!" Bradley Barnard quoted

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