Episodes that had mainly two or more disrespectful children.

  • Pandit Family: Jasmine and Tiny (Jayan)
  • Prescott Family: Daniel Jr. and Trenton
  • Cantoni Family: Nicholas and Gabrielle
  • Moy Family: Hailey and Camryn
  • George Family: Savannah and Hailey
  • Atkinson Family: Amanda and Reese
  • Colier Family: Chase and Nathaniel
  • Martinez Family: Ashley and Sindo Jr.
  • Jackson Family: Ethan and Isabella
  • Newsome Family: Elspeth and Finn
  • Citarella Family: Sarah, Hannah and Joshua
  • Bates Family: Erin and Orla
  • Young Family (UK): Nathaniel and Caleb
  • Jeans Family: Andra and Jessie
  • Bruno Family: Isabella and Samantha
  • Addis Family: Jonah, Johnathan and Eden
  • Larmer Family: John, Justin and Jessica
  • Krolikowski Family: Kaleigh, Johnny and Thomas
  • Nitti Family: Darren, Matthew and Devin
  • Williams Family (UK): Tyler and Tia
  • Seniors Family: Bethany and Ruth
  • Baulisch Family: Jennifer and Kristin
  • Winter Family: Kayla, Erica, Tori and Tommy
  • Pollard-Morris Family: James and Matthew
  • Fager Family: Benjamin and Zachary
  • Potter Family: Noah and Ryan
  • Hancox-Smith Family: Cameron and Flynn
  • Swift Family: Josh, Sean and Max
  • McAfee Family: Ellie, Silas and Kaia
  • Griswold Family: Brianna and Joe
  • Mihalik Family: Blake and Cole
  • Costello Family: Corban and Bryson
  • Haynes Family: Chloe and Demi
  • Butterly Family: Oliver and Thomas

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