This is the category of parents or children who bullied others.

"I'll be extra good if you give me a donut!" Andra Jeans quoted.

"You wanna shake my hand?" Darren Nitti quoted to Matthew until he stabs him in the back with a thumbtack.

"Shut up cowpoo" Mary-Anne quoted.

"Can't hear you (x2)"; "Back off right now!" Alaia Wishmeyer quoted.

Dialogue between Hailey and Camryn Moy - Camryn: "You just kill yourself then." Hailey: "You kill yourself."

"I'll break your neck" Casey Quinn quoted.

"Then I'm killin you!" Hagan Jones quoted.

"Oh well, I don't care, I want him to fall and break his neck" James Pollard quoted.

"Don't build that! (x2)" Andrew Weston quoted.

"I can do what I want!"; "I will talk to you the way I want to talk to you; Yes I will! (x2)" Maddison Porter.

"You're just a whiny little brat!", "Stop whining, you sound ridiculous!" Frank Minyon quoted.

Dialogue between Cameron and Mackenzie Smith-Clarke - Cameron: "Stop It"; Mackenzie: "Stop It"; and then Cameron hits Mackenzie.

"I got something in my pocket for you." (sticks out middle finger to his mother), I hope you f****** die, mom!, Shut the f*** up!" Cole Mihalik quoted.

"No, you got yourself in trouble. Don't blame somebody for your d*** mistakes. I WATCHED YOU PUSH HIM!", "Shut up and eat!" Jimmy Tafoya quoted.

"DON'T YOU PUNCH ME!" "I don't agree with the tactics. You will sit there and you'll stay there!" John Holmes quoted.

"Smell your own buttcrack." James Tafoya quoted.

"Now you just made me miss the whole game!" Brandon Clause quoted and hits Lorie with a Wii remote.

"Shut up!", "Move." Anthony Walker Jr quoted.

"GIVE ME MY STUPID SWORD!", "DUMMY!" Devin Nitti quoted.

"Poo-poo head!" Andrew Weston quoted. (2x)

"We need to beat up that lady!" River McKeever quoted.

"Don't say that." and "I hate you." Daniel Prescott Jr quoted.

"I'm gonna kill you!" Sean Haines quoted.

"Do not get off of the thinking pond until you are ready to say you're sorry to me!" Cheryl Carsley quoted.

"I ain't the one who's gay, I'll fix to show you who's gay." Rivers Benton quoted.

Dialogue between Christopher and Isabella Duan - Christopher: "Stop looking at me!"; (Spits at Isabella); Isabella: "Why did you spit on me?"; Christopher: "Cause, I kept my hands to myself"; Isabella: "THAT STILL COUNTS!!!"; Christopher: "No, it doesn't".

"Get away from me, you animal!" Corey Christiansen quoted.

"Shut up before I kill you!", "I'm going to stab you with this knife!", "Actually, you're the (bleep)!" Halley Daniels quoted.

"Just go away! I don't like you.", "And now you're a loser because you're not nice!" Isabella Jackson quoted.

"I  throw it f****** away!" Jimmy Tafoya quoted (2x)

"SHUT UP!" Matthew Nitti quoted and then pushed his brother, Jared to the ground, making him cry.

"Go play with something else now!", "You're poo!" Erin Bates quoted.

"Go." Bethany Seniors quoted, before she pushed her sister Ruth off the trampoline making her cry.

"Here you go!" Eliana McAfee quoted and then pushed her brother Silas to the ground, making him cry.

"Shut your f*****g face!" (x3) Ryan Hillhouse quoted.


"I hate you, idiot!" Jordon Hallenbeck quoted.

(From the Sacco Family Submission Reel) Luke snaps the head off of his twin sister, Lily's Barbie doll. Lily gasps, then cries, "NO!"

(From the Kerns Family Submission Reel) Bryce grabs her younger sister Brenna by the ankle, making her trip on the pavement and cry.

"You know what, for talking like that, I'm gonna duct tape your mouth!" Lisa Daniels quoted

"Go to bed!" "Don't hit!" Kaleigh Krolikowski quoted

"I'LL BITE YOU!" Johnny Krolikowski quoted

"Leave me alone!" (x2) Ellie McAfee quoted.

I hate you mommy Chase Christiansen quoted