Carsley Family
US Season 2, US Episode 11
Air Date March 6, 2006
Techniques Thinking Pond, House Rules, Home Team, Chore Challenge
Previous Tsironis Family
Next Schwartz Family

Episode summary Edit

Jo Frost is in Enfield, New Hampshire to meet Cheryl Carsley (aged 33), a divorced mother of five children, including two sets of twins, who is seeking a college degree to hopefully become a teacher. Her 7-year-old daughter Chantal and two sets of twin sons: 5-year-old Caleb and Nicholas and 4-year-old Bobby and Elijah are driving her crazy!

The children show no respect towards their mother, throw tantrums, hit, kick, and trash their home on a daily basis.

This episode introduces the discipline technique called the Thinking Pond.


Full Carsley Family episode on YouTube

In the news Edit

Supernanny tackles weather - TV show comes sliding into the state - Concord Monitor, 12/16/2005. In this article we learn the Carsleys live in Enfield, NH.

Family members Edit

Cheryl Carsley, 33

Chantal Carsley, 7

Caleb and Nicholas Carsley, 5

Bobby and Elijah Carsley, 4

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