Episode summary Edit

Jo Frost is in Enfield, New Hampshire to meet Cheryl Carsley (33), a divorced mother of five children, including two sets of twins, who is seeking a college degree to hopefully become a teacher. Her 7-year-old daughter Chantal and two sets of twin sons: 5-year-old Caleb and Nicholas and 4-year-old Bobby and Elijah are driving her crazy!

The children show no respect towards their mother, throw tantrums, hit, kick, and trash their home on a daily basis.

This episode introduces the discipline technique called the Thinking Pond.


Full Carsley Family episode on YouTube

In the news Edit

Supernanny tackles weather - TV show comes sliding into the state - Concord Monitor, 12/16/2005. In this article we learn the Carsleys live in Enfield, NH.

Family members Edit

Cheryl Carsley,33

Chantal Carsley, 7

Caleb and Nicholas Carsley, 5

Bobby and Elijah Carsley, 4

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