Camryn Abigail Moy (born January 27, 1999) is the middle child of Michelle and Harding, younger sister of Hailey and older sister of Matthew.

Camryn was seen verbally and physically arguing and fighting with her sister, Hailey. Hailey however opened up to Jo, and said that Camryn would lie to her parents to get her in trouble for something that Hailey didn't do. Like Hailey, she resisted directions by being defiant to her mom and talking back to her. When Jo took the family to volunteer at a homeless shelter, she acted very spoiled, made faces and refused to help until Jo managed to knock some sense to her. Also, once in the car, she said some very harsh words ("Oh just kill yourself then") to her older sister Hailey. She was 8 years old when she appeared on Supernanny and is 19 years old in 2018.