Announcer: Tonight on Supernanny, Jo meets the Bullards, whose children's bratty backtalking and bedtime hysterics have left Mom emotionally drained.

Jen: I feel like a horrible mom.

Announcer: Jo has two weeks to help rebuild mom's broken spirit and teach these overworked parents how to regain control of their household.

Jen: If this works out, it's gonna change everything. (Opening credits play)

Submission reel

Jo: Let's take a look and see who we've got here. (Plays DVD)

Jen: OK, hi, we're the Bullards. I'm Jen and this is Bryce.

Bryce: Hello.

Jen: And we're here to talk about our two kids: Brycie who's six.

Brycie: No!

Jen: And Rylan who's two. (Rylan cries)

Brycie and Rylan (pointing at camera): Ha, ha! (Jo smiles)

Jen: We own a plumbing company and Bryce runs the operations outside of the office and I run the operation at the house. (Footage of Bryce installing a sink in a house under construction, and Jen working in their home office. Her cordless phone rings.)

Jen (answering phone): Bullard Plumbing!

Jen: When Bryce is at work I'm usually taking care of kids, manning the phones, making sure all the invoices and bids get out. (Footage of Jen taking care of a screaming Rylan, stopping to check a ringing phone, doing more home office work. Jo looks up from the DVD player and shakes her head.)

Bryce: The problems we have with Bryce basically are backtalking us all the time...

Brycie (yelling): NO!

Bryce: Not listening...

Jen (running to front door): You get in here right now!

Brycie (standing outside on front porch): No.

Jen (trying to brush Brycie's teeth in the bathroom): That's it.

Brycie: No. Eh!

Bryce: Being very rude and disrespectful to us.

Brycie (throwing a toy across the living room): No!

Jen (dragging Brycie forward): You're six years old, stop it.

Jen (in living room with Bryce and Rylan): Bryce, would you settle down?

Brycie (in a barking tone): No! (Runs away, screaming nonverbal barking noises. Footage of Brycie hanging upside down from closet rail and yelling. Jo looks up from the DVD in disgust.)

Bryce: Bedtime with Rylan is pretty frustrating. (Night vision camera shows Rylan climbing out of his crib, heading toward the door while crying and screaming at full volume. Jen carries Rylan back to bed.)

Jen: Rylan just does not want to go to bed at night. (More footage of Rylan climbing out of his crib, screaming, Jen taking him back to bed) It sometimes makes me feel like I did something wrong to create this. (Rylan screams and kicks at his closed bedroom door. Jo looks at the footage with increased concern.)

Jen: I feel like the kids run the house.

Bryce (as Rylan opens the refrigerator door): Hey, come on, whoa, just wait!

Jen (as Brycie jumps on a bed, staring Jen down in a challenging manner): Bedtime, wait, come on. Bedtime. (Brycie scrambles to get out of Jen's reach.) You have two minutes. (Brycie acts like a dog in the living room, on all fours, barking while he shakes his head to shake the cushion he is holding in his mouth. He trots around on all fours, continuing to bark.)

Jo: This is crazy.

Jen: Don't you throw that toy! (Jen tries feeding Rylan as she stands in the middle of the living room with Rylan in her arms.)

Jen: I think it's just easier to give into the kids....

Jen (on floor, talking to Rylan hiding under the kitchen table): You don't want to brush your teeth?

Jen: ...than to enforce the rules.

Jen: OK, you don't have to brush your teeth, will you just come out? (Rylan crawls out from under the table. Jo rolls her eyes and shakes her head.)

Jen: I would love to get control of our house back. (Footage of Jen crying while the boys scream and tussle on the kitchen floor) I would love to know that we are in charge instead of my children being in charge. (The boys scream and jump around on the sofa.)

Bryce: Definitely, definitely love to get our control back. (Jo nods in approval.)

Jen (laughing): I'm begging for Supernanny's help right now! (Jo closes DVD player.)

Jo: Whoo! This family clearly needs help, and I'm on my way. (The taxi arrives at the Bullard Family home.)


Bullard Family home

Jo knocks on the front door. The Bullard family comes downstairs to greet her.

Jo: Hello!

Bryce: How are you?

Jen (to Rylan, in her arms): This is Supernanny!

Jo: Pleased to meet you! Jo Frost.

Bryce: I'm Bryce. (Shakes hands)

Jo: Pleased to meet you, Bryce, I'm Jo Frost.

Jen: I'm Jen and this Rylan.

Jo: Hello, Rylan! (Shakes hands with Rylan)

Jo (interview): When I first arrived at the Bullard Family, they were extremely pleased to see me.

Jen: Say nice to meet you!

Jo: How are you, pleased to meet you!

Jen: Come on in!

Jo: OK! (Closes front door)

Jen (interview): I think was expecting an older, very stern woman.

Bryce (interview): I was expecting Supernanny to be really strict and ready to tell us exactly what to do. (Jo enters living room, greets waves at Rylan. Bryce tells Rylan, "Say hi!")

Jen (interview): It was a wonderful surprise when I met Jo. She is someone I feel like I could sit down and talk to right away.

Jo: Jen and Bryce, I know that you got some issues that need to be addressed, but I'm here today to observe you as family. So, go ahead normal, make out I'm not here, and I will watch you.

Jen: Sounds great!

Jo: Brilliant. All right.

Jen: Thank you.

Observation begins

Jo (interview): Just after I arrived, Brycie started to act up. (Jo observes Jen and Bryce in the living room. They are sitting on the couch talking to Brycie, who is sitting on the floor by the coffee table.)

Bryce: Hey, tell me about your day?

Brycie: It was freezing!

Bryce: It was cold out? Bryce?

Brycie (yelling): YES! 

Bryce: What's the deal?

Brycie: It's the deal.

Jo (interview): Brycie can sometimes be disrespectful and backtalking his parents.

Bryce (still on couch, talking to Bryce who has moved to the other end of the room): That's not very nice. You don't have to say that. You don't have to talk like that.

Brycie: Weh! Weh, weh.

Bryce: Hey! Bryce!

Brycie: Weh! Weh! Weh, weh!

Jo: And is that constant? The smartmouthing? (Brycie continues to say "Weh! Weh" in the background. Jen is in the kitchen, and looks somewhat distressed.)

Bryce: The smartmouthing yes, definitely gotten worse. Smartmouthing

Brycie (cheering): Smartmouthiiiiing! (Rylan cheers along, waving his hands.)

Bryce: Bryce. Bryce. You're going go to timeout and go to bed early--

Brycie (mimicking): Going to go to timeout!

Bryce: You're going to bed early tonight.

Brycie: OK!

Jo: And mimicking, of all that?

Bryce: Yeah. Yeah, he does that to annoy us.

Jo (interview): There are ways in which you can voice your opinion and how Brycie does that is not acceptable.


Jen places a box of crayons on the table in front of the boys.

Jen: There you go guys. Don't color on the table.

Jo (interview): The boys were coloring at the dining table, and Rylan went to color on Brycie's book and he had an absolute fit.

Brycie (shouting, turning into screaming): No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Noooooooooo!

Jen: Brycie. Brycie, stop. (Rylan also starts screaming.) Rylan!

Brycie (in very high-pitched screams): Noooooooo! Nooooooo!

Jen (grabs Brycie by the shoulder): Bryce, stop it!

Bryce (offscreen): Tell them to go to timeout!

Jen: Settle down!

Brycie: Nooooooooo!

Bryce (now in kitchen): Let's put them in timeout. Go!

Brycie: No! (Leaves table, Jen follows him, hanging onto his arm)

Jen: Listen to me. (Brycie reaches out for coloring book, then drops to the floor out of sight.) Hey! Bryce--

Bryce: That's ridiculous. Just put him in timeout.

Jen: Look at me, just-- Wait a second, Bryce! Brycie, look at me, OK? (Picks Brycie off the floor as he squeals sadly) He doesn't know better.

Bryce: He doesn't understand! That's the problem.

Jen: Shhhhhhhh. That's not yours, yours is right here. (Shows Brycie his coloring book)

Bryce: Yeah, you don't have to act like that. (Jo looks from Jen on the floor up to Bryce, standing to the side) Why do you act like this?

Jen (frustrated): Bryce!

Jo (interview): This one just got a little bit heated, no communication going on in the kitchen, and clearly, Mum has had enough.

Bryce: Do you need help with anything? (The kitchen is quiet again. The boys are now sitting across from each other, each busy with his own book.)

Jen: No. No. (Talks to Rylan at the dining table) What are you coloring? (Gasps) What is that? (Bryce leaves the kitchen. Ominous music plays in the background. Jo looks on awkwardly.)

Jen's workload

The phone rings. Jen goes to answer it.

Jen: Bullard Plumbing? (The phone rings again.)

Jen: Bullard Plumbing? (Jo looks on. The phone rings again. Jo laughs.)

Jo: The phone doesn't stop ringing! It's constantly ringing. It's really loud as well. (The boys play and shout in another room. Brycie appears to wrench something out of Rylan's hand, pulling him back and knocking him over in the process.)

Brycie: That. Was. Too. EASY! (Rylan wails)

Jen: Brycie! Don't drag him!

Brycie (casually leaving the room): That was too easy. (Jen looks at Rylan, still lying on the floor.)

Jen: Where are you? Come on! (Jen starts some laundry as Jo looks on. The phone rings again. Jen answers it. Jen mops the kitchen floor as Jo looks on. The phone rings again. Jen types at the computer while Jo looks on from the doorway. The phone rings again.)

Jo (pointing at Jen, typing away): Businesswoman now.

Jen: I'm constantly moving. If I'm not working in the office, I'm doing laundry. If I'm not doing laundry, I'm taking care of Rylan. If I'm not taking care of Rylan, I'm mopping the floor. So, there's plenty to do here during the day. (The phone rings again.)

Jo: Oh-- There you go! (Jen puts her mop down to answer the phone.)

Jen: There goes my phone!

Jo (interview): Jen's just taking on too much for her own good. (Jen picks up Rylan and removes him from bathroom as he screams in protest.) Nothing's really being done properly.


Jen: So, why don't you just get them started with some spaghetti?

Bryce: OK. (Starts serving boys spaghetti. Brycie peers across the table at what Bryce is doing.) Hang on, I'll get you some.

Jo: So Jen, you get to eat tonight?

Jen: I do get to eat tonight! (Laughs and comes to the dining table) Just a little later. (Places bread on the table) OK, here we go. (The phone rings. Jen goes to answer it.) Bullard Plumbing? Hello? Can you hear me? (Jo looks at her watch, shakes her head in frustration as Jen dashes around the room, talking on the phone.) OK, let me get on a different phone call. One second. This phone might be going dead. (Bryce and boys quietly continue dinner.)

Jo: It's seven o'clock and Mum's day still hasn't ended. (Jen washes dishes.)

Later, Brycie crawls all over the living room sofa and across his parents, roaring like an animal and chasing Rylan. Bryce and Jen appear to be doing paper work together.

Jen: Not on the couch! We're working over here. (Picks up Rylan and puts him on the floor) You guys go over there. (Brycie climbs down onto the floor.) Brycie, we're working over here, just-- Bryce, settle down, settle down, settle down! (Returns to paper work)

Brycie: Ah! Ah, ah, aaaaah! (He continues crawling on the kitchen floor, swiping with his "paws" and roaring at Rylan, who is just rolling around on his back. Brycie then "slaps" Rylan and makes a slapping noise with his mouth, and Rylan says, "Ow, ow, ow!")

Jo (interview): It's nine o'clock at night, the children are overstimulated, running around the house. (The boys run through the house, throw themselves on the floor and laugh hysterically. The parents continue their paper work) How are they going to get the children to bed?

Jen: No. No! (Brycie seems to be pulling at a lamp next to Jen's seat, and Jen is trying to get him to stop grabbing at it. Footage of the boys sitting together on the couch in their PJs, drinking from sippy cups and continuing to laugh hysterically.)


Jen (to Brycie): Sweet dreams. I'll leave it cracked, all right?

Bryce (from other room): You're putting him to bed, right? (Jen kisses Brycie goodnight.)

Brycie: Yeah!

Jen: I love you.

Bryce (to Rylan): Ready to go night-night?

Jen: Goodnight, sweetheart. (Leaves Brycie's room)

Jen (interview): Putting Rylan to bed, it's hard work. (Jen joins Bryce in Rylan's room. Bryce is carrying Rylan to his crib, while Rylan cries loudly.) That usually takes hours. (Night vision footage of Jen and Bryce standing over Rylan's crib.) Mommy's here. Oh, you know what, his blanket is out on the couch. (Bryce leaves to get it. Jen picks Rylan up.) There, go to bed. Come on. (She puts him back down in the crib as he screams. Bryce comes in with Rylan's blanket.)

Bryce: Here, Rylan. Here buddy. (Drapes the blanket over Rylan as he screams.)

Jen (as she swiftly leaves the room): I love you. Sweet dreams, sweetheart. I love you.

Bryce (tucking blanket around Rylan as he continues to scream): There you go, buddy. (From doorway) OK, night-night, buddy, I love you!

Jen: Goodnight! (Jo looks on in bewilderment. Night vision footage of Rylan climbing out of his crib.)

Jo (interview): Getting Rylan to sleep is a nightmare, it really is a nightmare, for the whole family.

Jen: No, Rylan, come here, sweetheart. Come here. (Picks him up to return him to bed) Brycie, hold on a second, please! (Returns Rylan to his crib as he screams) I love you. (Quickly leaves room)

Bryce: Rylan, hey! Come on. (Picks him up from crib for a hug)

Jen: Come on, Bryce, it's fine. (Rylan screams)

Bryce: You know what you'll do? You'll just sit with him on the couch until he falls asleep. That's what you do.

Jen: You need to stay out of it because you don't usually put him to bed. (Jo glances at camera with alarm.) So why don't you just let me try, and you go to work for a little bit, OK?

Bryce: OK.

Jen: OK? (Bryce leaves room, hesitates at doorway. Rylan continues to scream.) I'll be right back to check on you. I'll come check on you! Honey, I love you. (Closes door and walks away amid Rylan's screams)

Jo: Right, so how many times do you do that a night? (Night vision footage of Rylan getting out of his crib)

Jen: Probably about five times.

Jo: Five times putting him back into bed, comes out, putting him back to bed?

Jen: Yes, yes.

Jo: Does he come out of the room?

Jen: Yes, sometimes he'll come out of his room. Which he's about to do right now. (Rylan enters the hallway.)

Rylan: Mom! Mom, Mom. (Jen walks away in frustration)

Jo (interview): Jen trying to put Rylan to bed was extremely emotional to watch.

Jo: How does that make you feel when you've got to listen to your baby cry? (Rylan watches from edge of living room.)

Jen: It's exhausting. It's horrible. (Starts to cry)

Jo: Just breathe. (Hugs Jen) Breathe. (Jen cries.)

Jen: I don't know what we did wrong, I guess. I don't know how this started or when it started. Um, but I just don't know how to help him. (Rylan continues to watch Jo and Jen.)

Announcer: Coming up on Supernanny: Jen breaks down. And Jo lays down the law. When Supernanny returns.

Jen breaks down

Jen (interview): Putting Rylan to bed takes hours. (Jen picks up Rylan in the living room.) I think it was nine times he had gotten up, until finally I had just agreed that he could sit on the sofa.

Jen (on couch with Rylan): Sit with Mommy? (Rylan scoots away from her and crankily grunts.) No?

Jen (interview): It just feels hopeless. I-- I don't see an end coming to it. (Jen fills a coffee pot with water. Title card displays: "11:40 p.m. Rylan still awake." Jen is crying as the water runs into the pot. Jo comes up as Jen continues to silently cry and shakily pour the water into the coffeemaker.)

Jo: Hey. Come here. (Hugs Jen as she starts to cry out loud.) Hey.

Bryce (entering kitchen): You can take a break, hon, you don't have to--

Jo: Do you know-- Jen, it's all right to turn around and go, "I don't know."

Jen: M-hm. (Sniffs.) Right. It's hard for me to say that, though.

Jo: Because why?

Jen: I feel like a horrible mom.

Jo: What makes you feel like you're a horrible mom, Jen?

Jen: Because you only have, like, one chance, you know, with these kids. And I just feel like you know, if I don't know what I'm doing, then they're gonna pay for it. And it's a horrible feeling, 'cause I love my boys so much and I just don't want to screw them up.

Jo: Oh, I know you do. That's-- I see that, Jen, I see that. I see that. Very clearly. And that's all right to tell-- To turn around and go, "My kids-- I don't know, I haven't got the answers." (Jen laughs.)

Jen: I haven't a clue!

Jo: It's all right to admit that.

Jen: Thank you! (Hugs Jo.)

Jo: You just want it to be that way so much, huh? (Jen steps back and they take each other by the wrists.)

Jen (calmer now): We are so happy you're here.

Jo: And I'm glad I'm here, too.

Jo (interview): Jen had struggled for more than two hours to settle Rylan. (Jen sits reading a book with Rylan on the sofa. Jo looks at her watch, rolls her eyes, and looks on.) She feels completely out of control. And she's desperate-- She doesn't know where to turn, what to do for the better. And she's exhausted, mentally and physically. (Jen hugs Rylan as they continue to sit on the sofa.)

Parents Meeting

Jo returns to the Bullard Family home and rings the doorbell.

Jo (interview): When I first meet a family, I go in and I observe their family life, and the dynamics between parents and their children. (Footage of Jen and Bryce disagreeing in kitchen during Brycie's meltdown, Rylan getting out of his crib and staring off at Jen and Jo in the living room) I take mental notes throughout the day of what I feel is not working. And I sit down, and I talk to the parents. ("Parents Meeting" title card displays)

Jo: Well, I've observed, and I've taken mental notes, so follow me through, and let's have a chat. All right?

Jen and Bryce: OK.

Jen (interview): Jo's probably noticing that we're always yelling and screaming at my house, it's always chaotic. (Jo, Jen and Bryce sit at the dining table.)

Bryce (interview): It's kind of nervewracking, having a stranger in the house, but maybe she'll give us some peace in the house and a little more control.

Jo: Bryce and Jen, I've had the pleasure of being able to come inside your home, and observe. You have two adorable children. I think it's fantastic that you have your own business. Your business puts your bread and butter on the table. (Jen laughs.) I do recognize, though, that there is a price that is being paid. And that price is steep. You run a successful business that's open 24/7. But let me remind you, you're both parents. And that's a 24/7 job, too. We've got Brycie, who backchats. I mean, why do you sit and tolerate Brycie, who's six years old, and he talks to you with such disrespect?

Bryce: I don't know what else I can do. I mean, I can't smack him or anything, 'cause that's not-- That's not right, you know?

Jo: Your boy is laughing at the pair of you! And you're his parents! You're gonna be in charge! It's absurd! Sleeping is a big, big, big issue in this house. (The tense African drumming noises step up in the background.) You have taught Rylan exactly how to behave. You have given him the bad habits. You have taught him that if he screams and cries enough, he can come back to the sofa. Can you blame him?

Bryce: M-mm.

Jen: No.

Jo: He wants his quality time with you during the nighttime. Because he's not given it during the day. (Drumming is replaced by weird piano/synthesizer/cymbal music)

Bryce: I work from 7 to 5 every day so I'm not here during the day at all to, to have any structure or any playtime or anything with him.

Jen: When you are home, we're busy doing other things, other than sitting and spending time with him, I think is what she's saying.

Bryce: Yeah.

Jo: You're not consistent, the pair of you, with anything that you lay down as discipline. You can't agree on anything!

Bryce: Yeah. It's true.

Jo: And Jen, you shout at Bryce.

Jen: I know I talk badly to him. (Starts crying)

Bryce: You need a break, a lot.

Jen: I know.

Jo: This is tough to hear, but this is the truth. And you're meant to be together, you're meant to be solid! You're your kids' rock! And there's no room for a nightly fight between the pair of you! If you do not take what I am saying seriously, if you do not open your eyes to see exactly what's going on in your family life, then we're fighting a losing battle and I might as well go home now.

Bryce: No, I'm definitely taking it seriously. Yeah.

Jo: I'm dedicated to being able to help the pair of you turn that around.

Bryce: Thank you.

Jo: Are you committed 100 percent, Bryce?

Bryce: 120.

Jo: Jen, are you?

Jen: Absolutely.

Jo: So we're in for some hard work, but we're in to change this for the good!

Jen: OK.

Jen (interview): She pinned us when she said that Bryce and I don't communicate. We don't have time to discuss our children. When we are talking, it's usually business.

Bryce (interview): She had a lot of good points, so I think the truth is what hurt the most. It's good, I think it's going to be really good for the family. So we needed to hear it.

Announcer: Coming up on Supernanny: Jo shows the Bullards how to tame the boys' rebellion. But will Jen have the strength to follow through? When Supernanny returns.

Teaching Begins

The taxi returns to the Bullard Family home. Jo purposefully strides up the front walkway and enters the house, equipped with a large family schedule. She enters the living room, where Jen and Bryce are waiting on the sofa.

Jo: Hello!

Jen: Hello!

Bryce: Hello. How are you?

Jo: How are you?

Jen: Good!

Jo: Good! I want to put something for the pair of you on the fridge door. (She leads Jen and Bryce to the kitchen.)

Work and Family Schedule

Jo (interview): When I've seen issues that need to be addressed, I then go into the family with a new household routine. (Jo posts the routine on the fridge door.)

Jo: The Bullard Work and Family Schedule!

Jen (almost clapping her hands): I'm excited! OK.

Jo (interview): They need so badly to maintain a balance between their work and family life.

Jo: This Work and Family Schedule gives you boundaries. Where it's in red means you can't answer the phone, which I think is evened out nicely throughout the day.

Jen: I think so, too.

Jo: The places where I've stated that you need to have the phone off, is because they're crucial to your family. There's no reason why this can't work. (Bryce looks shell-shocked, and is worriedly glancing between Jen and the new chart that states Jen can't answer the phone at multiple times throughout the day.)

Jen (looking from Bryce to Jo): I think that's fantastic. I think he (gently taps Bryce's chest) is probably annoyed, 'cause he wants me to answer the phone 24 hours a day, but I think-- I think that will help me out tremendously.

Bryce (interview): I think it'll work well, except for maybe the phones for the business, but other than that, I hope that we can stick to the schedule.

Introducing Naughty Mats

Jo (interview): After establishing the routine, I wanted to address the discipline and the children's naughty behavior.

Jo: These mats-- There's two of them. (Rylan makes interested cooing noises.) Rylan?

Rylan (pointing and poking at the red mat in Jo's hands): Rug?

Jo: Rug! Yes!

Rylan (pointing at the blue mat leaning against the wall next to Jo): Rug.

Jo: It's a rug! Yes, it is, Rylan!

Jo (interview): I'm introducing Naughty Mats into the home. (Jo spreads the mats on the living room floor.)

Jo: OK, this is how it goes: You give your children a warning. You tell them to stop the behavior. "That's not acceptable." You come down to their level. (Squats down to face Rylan, who is playing with a child's flashlight.) OK?

Jen: OK.

Jo: And you give them eye contact. (Jo looks at Rylan, who is now pointing the flashlight beam in Jo's face.) And you use a voice (voice turns flat and low) that's low, like that! (Rylan turns to Bryce and offers his flashlight.) "Stop that behavior!" Now, once you give that warning, if they don't listen to you, you place them on the Naughty Mat. (Brycie looks nervously at Jen and Bryce, then back to Jo.) You say to them, "You've not listened, and I want you stay there now, until I come and get you." When that time is up, you go back over and say to them, "That behavior was not acceptable. You know why you're here on that step, I want an apology."

Brycie goes on the Naughty Mat

Title card displays: 3:15 p.m. Afternoon playtime - ANSWERING MACHINE ON. The phone rings. Brycie and Rylan are playing in the living room. Brycie flings himself across the carpet while emitting a short screaming/barking noise. The answering machine plays.

Jen (answering machine message): Hello, you've reached Bullard Plumbing. Please leave a message, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. (Brycie chases Rylan into the hallway. Answering machine beeps. Jo looks on delightedly.)

Jo (interview): The answering system was on. The schedule was working well, everything was going fine, until Brycie started to play up. (On the living room floor, Brycie shoves Rylan against the ottoman. Rylan squeals in protest.)

Rylan: Ow! (Brycie shoves Rylan again.) OW!

Jen (as Brycie shoves Rylan a third time): Bring me your backpack, sweetie. (Rylan keeps squealing.)

Jo (interview): Brycie started to push Rylan around, and he just wouldn't stop.

Jen: Bryce! Bryce, stop. (Title card displays: "NAUGHTY MAT TECHNIQUE - STEP 1 - Warn child in authoritative voice.")

Jo: Jen-- Jen! First warning. First warning.

Jen: If I have to ask you again, you will go the Naughty Mat.

Jo (interview): He didn't stop pushing his little brother around. So he got sent to the Naughty Mat.

Jen: I'm not gonna have you act like this-- (Picks up Brycie up. Title card displays: "NAUGHTY MAT TECHNIQUE -STEP 2 - Place child on naughty mat.")

Brycie: I didn't! (Tries to squirm out of Jen's grip as she carries him through the kitchen.)

Jen: Stop! Stop. (Places Brycie in kitchen doorway) Walk to the mat right now.

Brycie (crying and screaming): MOM!!!

Jen: Change your tone. (Title card displays: "NAUGHTY MAT TECHNIQUE - STEP 3 - Come down to child's level, explain behavior.")

Jo (interview): And he did not like it. He started shouting and yelling at the top of his voice.

Brycie (sitting on mat in hallway and screaming at loud as he can): Mom! MOM!!!

Jo (in kitchen with Jen): Be strong and put your foot down now. You don't show him authority. Don't look at him. (Touches Jen's wrist to get her attention.) Don't look at him and don't give him dirty looks. (Title card displays: "NAUGHTY MAT TECHNIQUE - STEP 4 - Ignore attempts for attention.")

Brycie (still screaming on the mat): MOM!!! MOM!

Jo: You're the adult here. And you're in charge.

Jen: OK.

Jo: All right? Just ignore him shouting, and you just do your thing with Rylan.

Jen: Then talk to him?

Jo: Yeah, and after 6 minutes, you go over to him. (Title card displays: "Child stays on mat 1 min. per year of age.") OK?

Jen: OK.

Jo: OK. (They exit the kitchen.)

Brycie: MOM. MOM!!!!

Jo (interview): Jen stuck out the 6 minutes, and went and told him, you know, "I want an apology." (Jen sits at Naughty Mat with Brycie, who is still crying. Title card displays: "6 minutes later.")

Jen (over Brycie's crying): I will listen to you, but I want you to calmly tell me what you have to say. Give me a hug.

Brycie: No!

Jo: No, no, no, no. This is what we do--

Jen: I want you to say you're sorry.

Jo: This is what we do. (Jo gets down on the floor with Jen and Brycie. Title card displays: "Child apologizes.") You didn't listen to Mummy, so Mummy would like an apology for that behavior. (To Jen) You get the apology, he comes off the mat. (To Brycie) OK? And I'm saying this quite clearly in front of you, Brycie, and you know why? Because you're a smart, intelligent boy, and I know that you know better. But you do need to listen to Mummy.

Jo (interview): Brycie is realizing that when he behaves in a way that's unacceptable, there is a consequence for it.

Jen (taking Brycie into her arms): Come here. Come here. (They hug.) OK?

Answering machine issues

View of backyard. Title card displays: "5 p.m. Mom preps dinner." The phone rings.

Jo (interview): Later on, Jen got a phone call from Bryce.

Jen: Hello? Where are you? No, I've been trying to get a hold of you, Bryce, and you haven't been answering your phones. OK, all right. Bye. (Hangs up)

Jo: So what's going on?

Jen: I just got off the phone with Bryce. I could tell he was agitated with me, because I had the phone off.

Jen (interview): He doesn't know how to separate work and family. To him, it's all one.

Bryce (comes upstairs into kitchen): Hello?

Jen: There's Daddy!

Bryce: Hey, what's up, guy? (Brycie runs and hugs Bryce. Bryce carries him to the kitchen, patting his back.) What's up?

Jen (to Rylan): Daddy will come here.

Jo (interview): Tonight, Jen started to tell Bryce exactly how she was feeling.

Jen: I just want you to understand that the schedule is important to me. I like it. And it's working for me so far.

Bryce: And I just-- You know, it's just going to be hard to get used to it, you know?

Jen: Just know that you can get a hold of me at those times, and--

Bryce: Yeah, but it doesn't work that way.

Jen: It does. It can when people aren't gonna die. It's plumbing. (Jo looks at them, then the camera, and raises her eyebrows quizzically.)

Bryce (interview): I don't like the phones being off. It's a sacrifice for the better, I think, but still, it's gonna be tough.

Sleep separation

Evening arrives. Rylan, in his pyjamas, runs up to Bryce in the hallway.

Jo (interview): Mum and Dad have allowed Rylan's sleeping pattern to take over the entire family every evening. This issue seriously needs to change because it's affecting everybody in the family dramatically.

Jo: Jen and Bryce, we're gonna use the Sleep Separation technique with Rylan to get him off to sleep, OK? And this is how it works: You come into the room, you keep calm, you read a nighttime story, kisses and cuddles, and so to bed. And you place Rylan into his crib. When you've done that, you move to this corner here and you sit down. (Jo sits on floor near crib.) Like so. So he can see the side of your face, but you're not giving him eye contact.

Jo (interview): Each night you move further and further away from the crib or bed. (Jo demonstrates moving away from crib until you reach the doorway.) So that you establish this pattern of your child feeling secure in their bed, but not feeling anxious because they're left in their bedroom on their own.

Jo: Do not, under any circumstances, as soon as you see him trying to climb over, get up from your spot and try and stop him. Because what you will do is find yourself fighting with your son in the crib like this to try and keep him down. And you can't control that. From wherever he's standing, he's not getting no communication or eye contact with you. Because that is what he's gonna be looking for and that is what he's gonna try and grab. And once he's got it, he won't stop.

Jen (interview): Putting Rylan to bed takes hours. I'm usually just exhausted and nearly in tears. If this bedtime routine works out, it's gonna change everything. (Carrying Rylan, Jen follows Jo upstairs to Rylan's room.)

Jo (interview): Jen went to put Rylan to bed and had started to read stories to him. And then very quickly he gave her signs that he wanted to go into the living room.

Rylan (beckoning to hallway): Eh!

Jen: No sofa. Here, enough for the day, in Rylan's room! (Jen tries to get Rylan to come back to her to read a story. Rylan grunts, whines and stamps his feet.) Look how pretty your room is. (Night vision footage of Jen carrying Rylan to his crib. Rylan cries.) Sssh.

Jo (whispering): Kisses and cuddles, and then to sleep. (Title card displays: "SLEEP SEPARATION TECHNIQUE - STEP 1 - Kiss goodnight, child into bed.")

Jen: Rylan. It's time for bed. (Rylan cries.)

Rylan: No!

Jo (interview): So Jen put Rylan in his crib. And he didn't want to go there. (Night vision footage of Rylan standing in his crib.)

Rylan: Mom. Mom!

Jo: Say nothing, Jen. (Jen sits on the floor next to the crib.)

Rylan: Mom. Mom! (Title card displays: "SLEEP SEPARATION TECHNIQUE - STEP 2 - Sit by bed, no eye contact.") Mom!

Jen (interview): I started to feel kind of anxious about the routine.

Rylan: Mom!

Jen (interview): When I had to bow my head and basically, ignore him.

Jo (looking on from doorway, then whispering to night vision camera): She's doing really well! (Rylan climbs out of crib.)

Rylan: Waaaah! (Title card displays: "SLEEP SEPARATION TECHNIQUE - STEP 3 - Return child to bed, no eye contact.")

Jo (interview): Rylan decided to climb out of the crib.

Rylan: Dad. Dad! (Jen stands and picks Rylan up.)

Jo (interview): Jen put him back into the crib. And he just went mad. (Jen lays Rylan down in crib.)

Rylan (screams): Dad! Dad! (Jen sits back down. Rylan gets back out. Jen puts him back into crib. He keeps yelling "Dad!" Jen sits back down.)

Rylan (hanging off crib rail and screaming at Jen through the crib bars): Mom! Where's Dad? (Title card displays: "FINAL STEP: Wait for child to fall asleep.") Mom. Mom! (Screams)

Jen (interview): Rylan was just crying, "Mommy, mommy, mommy," it got to be too much at one point. I-- I-- I almost got up and grabbed him out of the crib.

Rylan (sitting on edge of crib with his legs hanging out through the crib bars): Eh! (Jen sits on the floor, crying.)

Jo (interview): Jen became very emotional and-- And started to cry. (Jo moves from doorway to sit next to Jen on the floor. She touches Jen's knee consolingly, then takes her hand. Rylan continues to cry.)

Rylan: Jo!

Jo (interview): Listening to her child call her name was just ripping her heart out.

Rylan: Mom! Mom!! MOM!!! (Wails, then sits back in thoughtful silence. Jo looks at the night vision camera with a hopeful, excited smile. Rylan lies back and goes to sleep.)

Jen (interview): Even though it was only 25 minutes, it-- It seemed like an hour. I honestly could not have done that with-- Without Jo. (In bedroom, Jen looks at Jo with a smile and shakes her hand in Jo's. Camera closes in on Jen and Jo's clasped hands.) I was just so excited that we had gotten my two-year old to sleep, you know, and fairly calmly. I was just-- So happy I can't even put it into words! (Laughs)

Teaching ends

The sun rises.

Jo (interview): I'm gonna leave for a couple of days. And Jen and Bryce are gonna have to put the techniques that I've taught them into practice. Because I'm not gonna be around forever!

Jo: You guys are on your own. I wanna see that routine underneath your belts. I wanna see no more backchat from Brycie. Follow the small details with the technique, the bedtime routine.

Bryce: Yeah, that works well.

Jo: Talk to one another!

Bryce: Well, thank you. (Jen hugs Jo.)

Jo (interview): I think they're gonna be challenged while I'm away.

Jo: Take care. (Hugs Bryce.)

Bryce: Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

Jo: You're welcome. (Jo leaves the house.)

Jo (interview): Trust me. I am gonna be watching them.

Jen: I'm worried that when she's gone, I'm gonna forget! All of a sudden, I don't know how to parent! (Laughs. Seen through a window, the taxi drives away. Reflection of a child sitting up in bed can be hazily seen in the glass, which is creepy.)

Announcer: Coming up on Supernanny: How will the Bullards handle the new rules without Jo? When Supernanny returns.

Family Test Run

Jo (interview): I'm going away for a couple of days. I've taught Jen and Bryce techniques that they need to implement. Trust me-- I am going to be watching them. (Jo sits down in a living room and turns on a DVD of the family test run. The Bullards enter a restaurant.)

Restaurant conflict

Jen: Four for dinner. (The family sits at a table.)

Jen (interview): Tonight, we went out to eat. I was nervous. And I was anticipating the worst.

Jo (watching DVD): This is good. They're all at a restaurant. (Brycie is eating. Rylan has gotten down from his chair.)

Bryce: Sit down.

Jen: Sit down and eat your dinner.

Bryce: Come on. (Rylan returns to his chair.) Good boy.

Jen (pointing at Rylan's plate): Eat your half, Rylan. Eat your half.

Bryce: He don't want any of it.

Jen: No, let's see.

Jo: What's going on here with Rylan and his food? (Rylan holds out his half of a grilled cheese sandwich, shaking his head.)

Bryce: One more bite. (Rylan shakes his head.) One more bite.

Jen: One more bite. (Rylan shakes his head again.)

Bryce: I'll trade you one more bite for a drink. (Rylan places his sandwich half back on his plate.)

Jo: Rylan isn't eating his food, but Brycie's doing really, really well!

Jen (to Brycie): You did awesome on your ribs. (Close-up of Brycie's finished plate. Waiter removes plates from table.) Thank you so much, it was very good.

Waiter: Very good. Here's the dessert tray for the kids. (Close-up of dessert tray, which contains a variety of pie and cake slices.)

Bryce: Do you want to do a dessert?

Jen: Are you kidding? You are looking to cause conflict in this restaurant. You and Brycie are going to sit here and eat something with chocolate in there and leave Rylan out?

Jo: So Rylan's now setting the standard? Because he never ate, nobody can have dessert now.

Bryce: If Rylan didn't eat his dinner, we all have to suffer?

Jo: This is crazy!

Jen (very testily): I don't know. I don't know if dessert is called "suffering." (Bryce contains himself and looks away. Close-up of the dinner check on the table.)

Bryce: We're going bye-bye. Come on, we're going bye-bye.

Jen: Bye-bye?

Bryce: Let's go bye-bye. Come on.


The moon rises. In Rylan's room, Bryce sits in a chair with Rylan. He picks Rylan up for bedtime.

Jo: Aw look at him putting Rylan into bed! (Bryce lays Rylan in his crib.) Excellent.

Bryce (winding up a stuffed Mickey Mouse musical toy): I got this one. (He places the toy, now playing gentle music, next to Rylan.)

Rylan: Mom.

Jo: What's that noise? Is that a musical toy? (Bryce turns off the overhead light. The night vision camera shows Bryce winding up a different, light-up musical toy.) What's going on there?! My word, it's a light show going on in the bedroom! (Bryce sits down in the dark while the jingling discord of two different musical toys fills the room.) Bryce, you've overstimulated Rylan now! (Rylan murmurs to the third light up musical toy that he is playing with in his crib.) Bryce, you're never getting your son to sleep now, I'll tell you that for nothing! (Title card displays: "25 minutes later." Bryce reaches into the crib for a musical toy.)

Bryce: I'm gonna turn this off. (Jo shakes her head. Rylan stands up in his crib, crying.)

Rylan: Mom! (Bryce sits in the corner of the room, shaking his head. Title card displays: "35 minutes later." We hear loud ticking. Bryce yawns. A new title card reads, "46 minutes later." Rylan is playing quietly in his crib while Bryce sleeps, sitting upright on the floor.)

Jo: What were you thinking? At least one of them's sleeping.


Rylan and Brycie sit at the dining table. Jen starts washing dishes.

Jen: Rylan. Sit, and drink your juice, please.

Brycie: Talk to the eyeballs!

Jen: Huh?

Brycie (slowly): Talk to the eyeballs.

Jen: I am talking to your eyes. (Jo looks at the DVD footage in consternation.)

Jo: "Talk to the eyeball"?

Brycie: Talk to the hand.

Jen: Don't say that to me. OK? If I have to ask you again, you'll go to the naughty mat. OK? (Footage of naughty mats in hallway.)

Brycie: Talk to the hand.

Jen: Are you talking to me? (Brycie nods. Jo squints at the DVD footage in disbelief.)

Jo: Excuse me? "Talk to the hand"? Oh, I don't think so!

Jen: I'm done. Stop with your mouth. OK? (Brycie puts his hands over his ears and starts humming.)

Jo: So, you've already given him a warning. Why is he not on the naughty mat?

Homework time

In the evening, Jen and Brycie sit at the dining table.

Jen: We're gonna start your reading.

Brycie: No!

Jen: Yes.

Brycie: I said it the other day.

Jen: Don't talk back to me or you'll go to the naughty mat. (Jo looks at the DVD footage with the same sense of consternation as earlier.)

Brycie: Mom!

Jen: What? (Brycie punches the table.)

Brycie: I can't.

Jo: Jen, put Brycie on the naughty mat! (Brycie is now lying back on the sofa.)

Jen: You are trying to get out of doing your reading.

Brycie: No!

Jen: Yes, you were.

Brycie: No!

Jen: Say it again and you'll go to the timeout mat.

Jen (interview): Is this backtalking? I'm confused. (Brycie is now hiding under his parents' bed.)

Jen: Bryce! Come on, you have to get your homework done!

Jo: I can't believe this is going on. I need to get back to this house!

Announcer: Coming up, on Supernanny: Jo returns to get the Bullards back on track. When Supernanny returns.

Parent Evaluation

Jo returns to the Bullard Family home. It has snowed outside.

Jo: Hello!

Jen: Hi!

Bryce: How are you doing?

Jo: How are you? (Hugs Jen)

Jo (interview): I really love bringing in the DVD because it shows the parents exactly where they've gone wrong.

Jo: OK. I've got footage for the pair of you to sit down and take a look at this. OK? Come here. (Jo starts DVD player at the dining table.) OK, guys. Take a look!

Brycie: Talk to the eyeballs. Talk to the hand now.

Jen: Are you talking to me? Don't say that to me. It's not funny, you're not being cute.

Jo: You are there and then, telling young Brycie not to address you with that attitude.

Jen: M-hm.

Jo: And you need him to take you seriously. Make sure you're aware of when he starts to backtalk. Remember, use the naughty mat and nip that in the bud straightaway.

Jen: OK.

Jo: OK. (Jo plays footage from the restaurant.)

Bryce: Do you want to do dessert?

Jen: You and Brycie are gonna eat something with chocolate in there and leave Rylan out?

Bryce: If Rylan didn't eat his dinner, we all have to suffer?

Jen (as DVD footage ends): Mommy panics again.

Jo: And Mommy needed a good talking-to in that restaurant, I'll tell you that! There are ways the two of you can talk without shouting or yelling at the top of your heads in front of the kids, 'cause that's what they pick up. We're talking about dessert. Rylan didn't eat his food. So, no-- He's not entitled to a dessert. But young Brycie ate his food, and he behaved beautifully, and that should be rewarded. But you were saying yes, you were saying no, because of the fear that Rylan would kick off and have a fit in front of everybody, and you'd feel embarrassed.

Jen: M-hm.

Jo: Everybody's entitled to have a dessert if they want.

Jen: Right. (Smiles and puts her head on Bryce's shoulder.) Sorry.

Bryce: Hm. (Smiles a little. Jo starts bedtime footage.)

Bryce: This one. (Winds up toys, sits down on floor.) Night-night.

Jo (stopping footage): Hold on a minute.

Bryce: What?

Jo: You know, what's that music?

Bryce: That's the toy that I gave him. It didn't seem to work.

Jen: That was a hard bedtime night for Bryce. (They laugh.)

Jo (putting her hands up to her head): But Bryce, what was you thinking? You're overstimulating!

Bryce: I kind of realized that about 45 minutes later.

Jo: Anything musical or anything that's gonna give a light show is going to overstimulate Rylan, and it's gonna become playtime. Not bedtime. Keep it all calm and put him to bed. And then start edging yourself out as well. OK? So now we've watched the footage, and what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna stick around today, help the pair of you reinforce and fine-tune the stuff that still needs working on.

Jen: That would be fantastic.

Bryce: OK.

Jo: Let's get on it, then!

Jen: All right. Thank you.

Bryce (interview): Watching Jen on the DVD-- That's pretty scary. Wow, she looks meaner on the DVD than in real life! (Giggles. Footage of Bryce helping Brycie brush his teeth.)

Jen (interview): I didn't even realize how much I raised my voice to both the kids and Bryce. And I'm definitely gonna change that.



Brycie sits on the naughty mat.

Jo: Why is he on that mat?

Jen: Uh, he's on the mat for backtalking outside and not taking his boots off when he got in.

Jo (interview): Children do need boundaries, and they do need to be told by their parents what they can get away with and what they can't. (Brycie gets up from naughty mat and sits next to Jen.)

Jen: OK, please speak to me. OK? Don't whine. Look at me.

Jo: He needs to look at you. To let him communicate with you. (Jen turns Brycie around to face her.)

Jen: Look at Mommy. (Brycie looks up.) Look at Mommy. OK, without whining, can you tell me...

Jen (interview): I'm definitely learning the discipline part of it.

Jen: Can I have a hug? (Brycie now sitting with his back to Jen, reaches behind him to hug Jen.)

Jen (interview): This process has not been easy, but to me it's all worth it. I think Brycie is learning to respect both Bryce and I as parents.

Bryce (hugging Brycie): Love you.

Jen: Thank you, Jo.

Bryce (lets Brycie go): OK?


In Rylan's bedroom, Rylan sits in Bryce's lap. They each hold a board book.

Bryce: That's Bedtime for Pooh, isn't it?

Jo: You're doing well. I'm gonna make that bed properly, so it's all cozy. (Bryce puts Rylan in his crib.)

Jo (interview): Tonight, Bryce put Rylan to bed. (Night vision footage of Bryce putting Rylan into his crib. Rylan cries a bit.) And it was a very special moment. He put Rylan into his crib, he sat on the floor, put his head down, and he waited for him to get out of the crib. (Night vision footage shows Rylan just lying down to sleep as soon as Bryce sits down next to the crib.) But he didn't get out. Not once. (Bryce scoots out of the room.)

Bryce (interview): I didn't think he would just go to bed within 25 minutes, that was amazing. It just feels awesome. (In living room, Jen and Bryce happily hug.)

Jen (interview): The biggest way it's impacted us is the sleep. (Jen kisses Bryce playfully in the living room.) Now I wake up, I'm refreshed, and I'm ready to start my day. (In the morning, Jen gets Rylan out of his crib.)

Jen: Ready? All right! (In the kitchen, Jen buttons Brycie into a white dress shirt.)

Jen (interview): And because of the schedule, I have a lot more balance between work and family. (Jen and Bryce work together in his office. Jen talks to Rylan in the kitchen as Jo looks on.)

Jen: Off? Can you say off?

Rylan: Off! (Jen pulls Rylan's coat off. Jo smiles and claps.)

Jo: Yay!

Jen: Good job! (Rylan slides down the backyard slide.)

Jen (interview): I think my family is just gonna be so well-rounded now. (Brycie kicks a ball at the camera.)

Announcer: Coming up, on Supernanny: When Jo says her final goodbye, will the Bullards keep the control they regained? When Supernanny returns.

Jo says goodbye

Jen spins Rylan around the snowy backyard as he squeals in delight. Jo and the family have a snowball fight. Footage of snow play continues as Jo and the Bullards do their final interviews.

Jo (interview): The Bullard Family have changed immensely. They had no boundaries or discipline, but now they get it. They're happier, the children are happier, and they're managing to juggle work-- Work and family.

Bryce (interview): We get along better. The boys listen to us, they respect us, they go to bed on time. I mean, it's a huge impact. Huge.

Jen (interview): The routine helps out greatly. I don't feel so stressed anymore, and I think it's great for the kids to be on a schedule. (Brycie falls chest/headfirst down the snowy backyard slide.)

Brycie (screaming): Oh, no! NO!! (Jen leans against the backyard fence, laughing.)

Jen (interview): I'm overwhelmed with joy right now. (Now nighttime, Jo gets ready to leave.

Jo: All right, then! Jo's getting ready to go now!

Jen: Do you want to give Jo-Jo a hug? (Brycie hugs Jo.)

Jo: All right, darling!

Brycie: Bye.

Jo: Bye! (Kisses Brycie loudly) Take care!

Brycie: Thank you.

Jo: You're welcome.

Bryce: Ry, can you come give her a hug? (Jo and Brycie walk over to Rylan.)

Jo: Rylan!

Bryce: Come give her a hug, come say goodbye.

Jo: Can you say goodbye to Jo-Jo? Jo-Jo's going now!

Bryce: Say bye-bye.

Jen: She's gotta go bye-bye! (Rylan walks over to Jo with open arms.)

Jo: Can I get-- Oh! (Jo and Rylan hug.) Oh, bye-bye, darling!

Rylan: Here! (Waves his toy flashlight in Jo's face one last time)

Jo (interview): Rylan, and Brycie-- They're just sweeties. They really are. (Rylan blows a kiss at Jo, then kisses her.)

Rylan: Bye! (Kisses her again)

Jo: Oooh! Thank you! (Giggles)

Jo (interview): It's always hard to leave a family you become so attached to.

Bryce: Thank you very much. (Jo reaches out to hug Jen.)

Jen: Thank you.

Jo: And you're welcome. (Kisses Jen's cheek, hugs Jen)

Jo (interview): I'm very proud of Jen and Bryce. I'm proud that they've embraced feeling it-- Embraced their anxiety.

Jen: Goodbye. (Jo turns to Bryce.)

Bryce: Thank you.

Jo: Take care. (They hug.)

Jo (interview): They faced up to what they needed to do in order to change their life for the better. And they got the results that they truly deserved.

Jo: We've got a routine working in this house now. Stick with it. You've got a nice balance between family and business. So let the both of them thrive.

Jen: OK. (Finger waves as Jo approaches the front door to leave)

Jo: Goodbye. Take care.

Bryce: Thank you.

Jo: Bye, Brycie! Bye, Rylan!

Jen (interview): I'm feeling a little overwhelmed that it's all over. (Tears up) It's been such a great experience for my whole family, um...And it's really gonna change our lives. (Taxi drives away.)

Family Update

Jen and Bryce sit on their bed, while the boys throw pillows at them.

Jen (interview): I am so thankful that we were able to go through this whole experience.

Bryce (interview): We have control back. We really do, and Jen's happier, I'm happier, the boys are happier. (Brycie kicks a ball across the yard.) Brycie doesn't backtalk anymore. (Footage of Rylan and Brycie at dining table)

Bryce: Get your shoes.

Brycie: May I be excused? (He gets up from table.)

Bryce (interview): Rylan just goes to bed within 25, 30 minutes. (Footage of Bryce putting Rylan to bed.)

Jen (interview): Bryce now understands that we can run the business and still spend quality time with our kids, and nothing is gonna be broken. (Footage of Brycie playfully sitting in a large basket while Jen lifts Rylan over it.)

Bryce (interview): I can see how happy the kids are, so I definitely am gonna put the kids before the business now.

Jen (interview): Bryce and I have a whole new outlook on life. (Jen and Bryce happily relax on the sofa together.)

Bryce (interview): We communicate better, we're more loving towards each other, we don't really yell at each other that much anymore. It's affected us in a positive way. (The boys noisily eat spaghetti at the dining table. The whole family sits at the table together.)

Jen (interview): We are gonna take what Jo has taught us, and I think it's just gonna get better and better. (Rylan smiles as he sits at the dining table with a coloring book.)

Closing credits

The family plays in the backyard snow. Rylan slides down the snowy slide.

Jen: Aw, Rylan! Look, Rylan has fallen and he can't get up! (A snowball hits Jen in the face. She looks like she is barely holding down her irritation as Bryce laughs in the background. The screen fades to black.)

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