Bryce "Brycie" Bullard Jr. is the oldest child of Jen and Bryce, and the older brother of Rylan.

Brycie had a very disrespectful attitude toward his parents. He would backtalk, throw fits and fight with his little brother. During Observation, he ran around on all fours and pretended to be a wild animal, worrying sofa cushions with his mouth and attacking Rylan. He also had a huge fit when Rylan colored on his coloring book.

He also bullied Rylan a couple of times. Once he jerked a toy backward out of Rylan's hand so that Rylan fell over, and another time he repeatedly shoved Rylan into the ottoman. Other times, he was just roughhousing. He seemed to enjoy pretending to be an animal. He acted like a dog at one point, and a lion at another.

He did not brush his own teeth. He was seen getting his teeth brushed by both parents on two different occasions, though they didn't make anything of this during the episode (unlike the Drake Family episode, even though brushing a 3-year old's teeth is more commonplace than brushing a 6-year old's teeth).

However, he was also very well-behaved at points, such as the restaurant visit (and other meal times).

He was 6 years old at time and is now 18 in 2016.

Quotes Edit

  • "Weh! Weh, weh, weh!"
  • "That was too easy!" (upon taking a toy from his 2-year old brother)
  • "Talk to the eyeballs."
  • "Talk to the hand."

Links Edit

Brycie's Twitter

Brycie's Facebook page

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