Jo pleased to meet you im jo

Mariah hi

Taylor whatever

Bella no

Mariah i would like to spend... more time with my dad

Taylor i hate you

John go to your room

Denise i am not done with mariah right now

Denise bella

Denise i will let you come out i don,t wanna hear that kicking


Submission ReelEdit

John what are you doing?

John go mariah go

Sam yeah mariah,s driving

Mariah i like it

Taylor you like it ?

John go get a pair shorts on take your choker off you can go for bike ride

Taylor i don,t wanna go for bike ride with you.

Taylor i hate you

John go up to your room

Denise come on

Jo my word

Bella mom

Bella pickup my pen

Denise no

I want it

Denise Bella stop it please

Denise get up

Denise you sit in your chair

Bella so where are my other ones?

Denise Bella get over here

Denise why are you fighting everything?

Denise stop it stop

Jo Visits The Bruno FamilyEdit

Jo hi pleased to meet you jo

Denise hi i,m denise is

Jo to cute

Jo hi please to meet you

John my pleasure i,m john

Jo hi john

Jo what,s your name?

Denise this is samantha

Jo samantha hi samantha

Jo hi what,s your name


Jo hi bella pleased to meet you i,m joe joe

Bella nice to meet you

Jo hi please to meet you

Jo hi joe

Jo hi taylor

Jo hi what,s your name


Jo hi mariah pleased to meet you

Mariah hi

Denise having joe will be here is like a weight off my shoulder because i just felt like

Denise i don,t know what you do anymore

Observation BeginsEdit

Jo you got thrapys this morning

Mariah yeah

Jo cool

Jo have you

Jo have you where did you have surgery?

Mariah on my hip.

Mariah this one.

Mariah yeah

Jo as i was observing i saw that it was time for mariah,s therapy and as usual denise gave it all so every day three times a day

Jo i learned from denise that mariah,s condition is mainly physical but in other aspects of her life she,s hard like every other fifteen year old girl

Denise she,s just right out of my care so good

Jo are you finished job every day

Mariah mom helps me with my therapy

Mariah i like to be with my mom

Jo it sometimes a situation where you could be at home doing your therapy with mariah and literally have the girls as well and

Denise because i,m so busy with her and she,s been a walker and i can,t just leave her they start getting into something they,re not making it a little bit

Denise i tried to take myself and divide it between my children and the amount of time

Denise i do feel guilty that i spent so much time with mariah but i just had to tell myself it,s a necessity because it,s for her good

Denise your good

Denise they,re swinging it around and i don,t you playing with that

Jo mama barely in therapy with mariah when bella the seven year old started swinging a bat around the area where they were working

Denise bella

Denise don,t make me chase you

Denise isabella she just really is very headstrong and what,s her weight

Denise getting in your chair

Jo well such a

Denise i ever sit over there

Denise get in there and sit there don,t move

Jo don,t wanna scream ohh a chair

Denise we end up sitting here all afternoon sit

Denise give me this no you don,t swing okay that,s it you,re not doing it i just said enough to swing it off you know what you need to go upstairs with you

Denise no

Jo uh oh trouble

Jo bella was resisting and i could see that mum was really starting to get worked up

Denise staying here we,re gonna behave will come up

Denise why aren,t you sharing with your things

Denise stop it you,re done stay in here would you sit down

Denise three minutes i want you to sit here and think how you,re gonna behave nicely sit

Jo is ridiculous that this little girl is arguing on my husband this should be happening

Denise to tell him what to do this is what she does

Denise it,s really hard cuz i,m exhausted

Denise stop it

Bella no

Denise bella stop it okay you,re done you,re hurting me and i,m here i gave you a chance don,t

Denise i,ll let you come out when i don,t hear you kicking

Jo shaky

Denise huh

Jo you,re physically shaking

Denise to do

Observation ContinuesEdit

Parents MeetingEdit

Jo you have a magnificent home the pair of you

John thank you

Jo i mean everything it,s great on the outside but what about the inside

Jo i would like to talk about isabellas disrespect be using denise

Jo i wasn,t at all pleased but probably missing when is about it,s a little loud to talk to you the way she does what are you guys doing that allows her to feel that she can do it day in and day out because somethings wrong

Denise i have to be doing something right and because they just i think ares her that way

Jo she,s not given any boundaries or any fundamental core values on a regular basis

Jo what,s happening with your relationship with taylor job

John oh you,re the one

Jo there is bad when you don,t have one

Jo you have a teenager daughter who actually hears from you that she,s not pretty

Jo she wears clothes that just punk style got clothes but her hair looks trash because it expects well it,s a diffrent color

John mm-hmm

Jo she don,t company to her own ready to padrone antique find it own style you,re damaging her self - esteem how many years even let this go on untill your daughter reaches 15 16 and you don,t even know where she is or who she,s hanging out with wake up john everything she does right now is hard from trying to express herself and half because she,s rebellion because you,re suffocating her and it shouldn,t be happening you know

Jo it,s an important relationship realationship daughter has

John i mean i want my daughter to be close to me

John i wanted to do things with me

John i don,t want her to hate me

John i don,t want her not to come to me if she has a problem we have to show her

Denise that she can,t come to us and a little bit of faith

Denise i will she tries to talk

Jo that,s one teenager stuff like the other teenager

Jo i,d like to see mariah are being held and not in that wheelchair all the time some bond is some physical contact john i,ve got to see to holder she,s your little girl she wants out that,s a whole term you think she needs your love any less

John you just getting your rocky in your ways and you need somebody at your head so was honored

John i,ll let you know six months

John i didn,t think joe was gonna come down on us that hard but you never think you,re that bad until reality sets in you know she was just doing what she had to do

Jo i want a hundred percent commitment from the pair of you working towards making your family,s honor make a lot better than what it is that everyone,s a lot happier

John yes

Jo good all right so when they get working there right

John yes

Jo all right kids

Teaching BeginsEdit

Jo the next day when i came to start teaching as i walked through the front door i saw mum trying to discipline bella

Bella i didn,t bite you

Jo i think the denise attempt to discipline bella before and that had failed miserably so that was time for me to teach her properly

Jo what needs to be put in place is discipline here because this little girl you,re trying to all roost put it all go in her place and make sure she recognizes once and for all because you know what this is really kiss big fight you,re not the way too long and that needs to stop immediately

Bella i hate the naughty chair

Denise it was a very hard thing to see my child kicking and punching me telling me i hate you

Bella i hate you

Denise she,s doing this.

Denise you do this all day long i,m gonna go all day

Denise walk down the steps you,re gonna fall

Jo your not so sure this is not personal

Bella i don,t think i should ever be in the naughty chair because i don,t start the fight usually

Jo when it comes to discipline you,re in control negotiation

Bella na na bo bo

Denise it was quite a long episode epilator went through a boxing match

Bella i hate you

Jo after grueling two and a half hours of disciplining bella more than mum has ever lost it,s better realized as she were gonna give up as she stayed put on that naughty mats

Denise they were put on the naughty mat because you misbehaved kicking punching throwing things and that,s unnacceptable

Denise it was a sigh of relief and a feeling of how he did it

Jo i want you to say your sorry to your mother for your behavior

Bella sorry mom.

Denise thanks for apology love you

Teaching ContinuesEdit


Parents Evaluation Edit

Jo before i left dad had made some great strides with the older girls but i was more intrigued to see how mom had gotten on with the younger ones

Jo so denise and john are you ready to take a look at the dvd

John yes

Jo you,re nervous

John mm-hmm

Jo do you

Denise let,s go

Jo let,s go okay

Denise what do you want to do think of what you want to do and then let me know

Mariah i know.

Denise what do you want to do

Mariah walk in my day trainer.

Denise walk in your day trainer okay

Sam okay all done

Denise thank you sam now what does she need

Denise what is she knew when she stands in here

Denise girls if you want to play you need to go out to the side because this is mariahs time to do her therapy and that,s a depth then we can,t get to the store

Denise girls you,re not listening to me you need to go in the other room this is mariahs time please

Jo okay clearly here they should have been their setup you didn,t turn on and say right guys mariah needs a session okay so momma,s gonna be doing mariah,s session you forgot your rooms and play indivdually or together you can play together but this space is mine and mariah,s if you break that then they,re going to be consequences for it

Jo the next clip we,re going to see is dad and taylor painting

John i think it went well

Jo yeah let,s take a look

John there,s that big enough so far

Taylor um i guess are you gonna fix the front of it though

John yeah i,m just catching it

Taylor okay cuz it looks like a swan

John looks like this

Taylor i don,t want to like to small

John i,m on oh dude i can i can always make you bigger too

Jo wow look at this listening talking to one another working together yeah girl

John it really wasn,t hard

Jo hey how much did you love that

John um very much hey we haven,t done it in a long time

Jo get your josaphat

John i think so

Jo it,s good stuff John

John thanks

Jo good stuff bella and sam on the naughty corner

Jo let,s take a look at this

Denise i,m putting you in here because you left the house i put him where you want to and then i don,t know where you are

Denise and that is not allowed you ran across the street a car could hit you and you went

Denise isabella i,m gonna talk to you when you look at me and take this seriously okay

Bella i will i will i will

Denise look at me and be quiet please

Bella okay baba

Denise isabella i put you in your timeout because you ran across the street

Denise what do i expect you to do when you go outside

Denise no you look at me and you talk clearly please

Denise are you gonna stay here longer

Bella sorry for

Denise i don,t understand you

Bella sorry for running across the street with that asking

Denise i want an apology

Bella sorry i said sorry million times

Denise and it wasn,t in a nice way

Bella sorry

Bella that,s nice

Denise i expect i accept that no go play nicely please and you,re staying in the house please

Jo you get to the end of the naughty chair technique here and you can,t even better hug her because she,s so angry with her you,re so angry but what you,re really angry with is yourself you,re angry that you part with so much from her and unless you change it denise it,s not going to change every day she is going to do that too she can grind you down emotionally every day before recognizing and it,ll be fun i need a walk away

Jo i shouldn,t be engaging in the confrontation she should simply know she needs to behave herself she,s six years old and she ,ll do as she,s told you know that,s the chair full stop it,s good your thing in this way tonight because it,s going to bring you closer to making decisions for yourself that are going to make really positive change in the house this is the stepping stone today that we will spend in being able to move you beyond that point

Denise i want to get beyond a point

Jo okay so let,s carry on

Reinforcement Edit

Jo this afternoon i wanted to give denise some more coaching oh how she could keep bella and sam occupied whilst giving mariah therapy

Jo what you,re going to do is the stuff that we mentioned on the dvd okay

Jo i,m going to work with mariah you,re gonna address it okay

Jo i want you not need i want you both to if a campaign to fidget up in your rooms what play together but this is my space with mariah

Jo if mom doesn,t have the space to do her therapy with mariah

Jo mariah doesn,t get her therapy full stop

Denise mommy,s doing therapeutic right at my school table because she likes to tip throw the ball so you can take toys if you want and bring them in the other room

Denise go in the other room you,re going on the naughty chair

Jo straight up lifter straight up pull and up

Jo samm mummies doing therapy okay with mariah look at her properly and tell her

Denise sam it is mommy,s time to do therapy with mariah

Denise you need to go in the other room

Jo what did mommy saying

Denise play let,s pick up some toys

Jo another toys you pick at the toy

Denise sam but if you do like the toys that want to play with

Jo mommy,s doing her ten minutes with mariah

Denise what would you like to play with right now with the clear voice

Denise look at me and tell me don,t hit me

Jo excuse me excuse me warning are you putting with that

Denise no

Jo are you then give her a one

Denise one more time you kick me you,re going in the naughty chair

Jo the gloves were off and this was the ultimate test for denise

Jo let go over then you,ve told her let go of her all right you,re not putting that with

Jo you not putting up with that behavior okay

Denise you need to go on the other room and play with that okay yeah in the other room

Denise i had joe next to me guiding me through what i needed to do and it was exciting to know that i was doing finally the right thing even though it was a very hard thing to do

Denise remember my face bella found the puzzle while heading the other room you guys can do your new puzzles

Jo off you go then

Denise go ahead in the other room you guys go play okay like we did yesterday remember we had a nice time playing

Denise thank you

Jo oh and the girls come back to test mum but she wasn,t happy none of it

Denise do you get it good job

Denise i definitely am gonna feel much more confident in short that you know i can do this and the kids are gonna listen to me you guys were playing very very nicely together okay and you gave me my time that i needed so now we,re gonna play something together

Bella yay now keep your brain

Jo i was really proud of denise that was a huge accomplishment for her she stayed composed she stuck with it and for the first time those girls respected their mother,s space with mariah

Jo well done

Denise thank you

Jo there,s been a lot of issues to takle whilst i,ve been with the bruno,s but before i leave i want to make a real statement about how importtant it is that they all do something together as a family

Jo that,s what shuffleboard

John how the heck she thought of that the shuffleboard i would never thought of doing that

Jo fun game good cuz that,s what we,re gonna do as a family here we go shuffle board now

Jo thank you game of shuffleboard

Bella hmm

Jo if you,re a family and you,ve got a child who has a disability it,s so important to find creative things that are gonna be fun for the whole family to do

Jo mariah you ready to play

John alright

Jo the play she,s hot although i do this oh

Jo come on you got more than that go for it

Jo push it

Bella i love my own family

John one two push

John there you go

John i wish she can want to be they she can do by myself to stand there and grab the stick and just play

John ready one two three there you go

John very good

Denise thank you god

Jo you got to give him credit that,s a denise and john got the kids in the car they just went and did it you know and i think that,s what it,s all about it,s about picking a special day where you can all do things together as a family

Jo recognizing what can we do that,s new what,s fresh what can we get all the kids ivolved in and give it a go

John do you want a another one

Jo ha ha are you helping a sister

Bella hmm

Mariah family time is fun.

Jo you,re helping your sister up

Jo a good thing

John three one two three

Denise we got so caught up in our lives and okay we have this limited amount of time

Denise you know but to be able to know that sunday,s are gonna be dovoted to our family and each week let,s try something new

Denise let,s try something that you know mariah can be a part of it,s gonna be a great experince and i know that that,s gonna help herimprove as

Jo well mariah you did very well the younger ones did good as well

Jo sayes good bye Edit

Jo i want to say goodbye to you all before you sit down and have dinner

Denise it was very hard for me to say goodbye to joe she was affected each and every one of us in a special way and for that we are forever grateful

Jo oh thank you very much

Mariah thank you jo jo... for helping my family.

Jo well done lady good

Taylor thank you

Taylor hmm

Jo your welcome

Jo take care your welcome

John thank you very much

John taylor and i were on different planets and since joe,s been here we,re like a father and a daughter

Jo bye bye

Jo but also these tears no really has been a long jen for the bruno family but they,ve managed to bridge realationships and they have more respect for one another as a family

Jo bye sweetie

John bye

Jo keep in touch

John take care

Jo bye

John bye bye

Family update Edit

John mariah swing right

Denise we ,ll never forget this whole experince it,s just gonna stick with us you know this is what you need to be doing to make your family

Denise what you want it

John high you,re good mariah good posture

John i,ve seen substantial amount of changes isabella and sam it,s like night and day already very happy for

Denise your pumping up

John i probably seen the biggest changes in denise i mean it,s like the worlds,s lifted off her shoulders she,s enjoying every minute of it

Denise one two three

Denise now i know that i have the tools and the guidelines and everything that

Denise i need in order to have a loving family

Denise huh i see you

Bella ladies and gentlemen boys and girls we are now going to start the dance

John two weeks ago taylor and i wouldn,t even been close to having a normal conversation

John i respect taylor to the almost now

John can you large that

Taylor my dad,s been like trying to talk to me and spend time with me and he hasn,t yelled or anything

Taylor did you do that on my ceiling

John yeah if you wanted to it,s gonna be all worth it in the long room that,s the bottom line period

Sam ladies and gentlemen

Denise being able to do things as a family is the wonderful feeling

Denise i mean who doesn,t want that thanks for giving us a new life