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Jo Frost takes on two brothers, Lewis (7) and Rhys (5) who squabble constantly. Mum Stephanie Smith (38) has no control over them. However, when bodybuilding dad Simon Brown (43) is around, it's a totally different story. Stephanie and Simon are also parents to Lucy (9 months).

Controlling the boys is only half of Supernanny's challenge. Roaring like lions from africa, Simon is stubborn and bossy with the boys and won't cooperate with Supernanny. Simon doesn't care for his kids.

Can she square up to him, shake up Stephanie and sort out the brothers?

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Feel free for anyone to write the synopsis of the episode.

Trivia Edit

This episode was filmed on June 3rd - 24th 2006

Family membersEdit

Simon Brown, 43

Stephanie Smith, 38

Lewis Brown, 7

Rhys Brown, 5

Lucy Brown, 9 months

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Full episode on YouTube (starts at 46:16)