Brandon Kerns (born January 20, 2004) is the son of Shawn and Shannon, twin brother to Bryce and older brother to Brenna.

At dinner, he didn't like the cardboard deli pizza his mother made for dinner, so he spat it on the bedroom floor for his baby sister to pick up and eat.

When his mother asked the kids to put on shoes to go outside and play one afternoon, Brandon threw a violent temper tantrum because he wanted to wear his "skateboarding shoes" instead. He refused to put on the shoes his mother gave him, yelled, and hit her. He went in the Naughty Circle for almost 70 minutes. It was almost bedtime before he finally cooperated and was able to leave timeout.

Like Bryce he also flip his parents off, and run without permission out of the house and onto the neighbor's property to play on their play structure. He also pushed the neighbor's kid off the slide and shoved the child's mother when she tried to intervene.

He was 4 (almost 5) at the time and now 13 years old

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