tonight on supernanny jo turns to the UK

jo: lets take a look and see what family we got here

Narrator a 5 year old and a little girl taking it all in

Tegan Oliva shut up daddy silly *********** you

Mathew get off me you ***********

laura: hi where the Bradbury-Lambert Family we have 3 children

laura: matthew who is 5

laura: tegan who is 2

laura: and little baby diesel that is 5 months

stuwart: matthew will be mean if he does not get his mams attention

matthew: play with me play with me play with me!

laura: he will kick

laura: he will punch

laura: he will scream

laura; he will throw things around

matthew hits his mam

laura: right work it out

matthew: no

laura: deep breaths

matthew: NO!

matthew: sorry

jo: keep up the hard work


stuwart: there will not be a day where he is not angry

jo: whats he doing to his mam

stuwart: when I see matthew hitting his mam it makes me angry and sad becases I cant disapline matthew I am his step dad

laura: yeah I can only tell matthew off

stuwart: I am worried becases I think matthews sister is copying him

tegan: shutup dad you silly  you

stuwart: matthew uses that word and thats naughty

laura: supernanny we really need your help

jo: you guys need my help the fighting has to stop I am on my way

jo: hello

laura: hi

jo: plasesed to meet you

jo: hi

laura: say hello matthew

matthew: no

jo: hi matthew how are you

matthew: fine

jo: good

tegan: hello

jo: hello

jo: carry on as normal:

laura: matthew I will count to 3 and you will be in your room

laura: 1 2

laura; sit on your bottom now

matthew: no

laura: now

laura: sit down then you can come out

matthew: let me out you matthew swears

matthew: let me out let me out let me out

matthew let me out you **************

laura: he cut my gum

jo: oh my word

laura: right off you go matthew

matthew: ok

laura: thank you

tegan: I wannt to get teddy

laura: are you going to lay down

tegan: no

matthew kicks his mam

stuwart: no no no you  want to kick someome you kick me

stuwart: you feel better for that now

stuwart smacks matthew

stuwart: lisen to me stop kicking your mam

laura: right bed

matthew: noooooo

matthew: ow ow ow ow

matthew: stop it I want to undress myselth

jo: what did he just do there

laura: punch me in the nose

matthew: do you want a kick

laura: no I dont

matthew: yes you do

stuwart: if your not dressed in 10 seconds I am takeing over

parents meeting

jo: matthews aggression has got to stop

jo: look what I have here house rules

jo: no kicking or punching or hitting now if your in the gym and your hitting mam or dad and you have boxing gloves on thats fine but if your not in the gym then you dont do that ok

jo: if you break those house rules and mam and dad give you a warning and you carry on then mam and dad are going to send you to your chill out chair jo you going to look at this chart and your going to work it out

matthew: hits his mam

jo: put him on the chair and say nothing

jo: you do not punch and kick your mam!

matthew: get off me!

jo: look rember the chart matthew

matthew kick jo

jo: do not kick me matthew or you will be in trouble with me

matthew: SHUTUP!

jo: tell him to look at you breath threw you nose

laura: breath threw your nose

jo: do like mam

jo: we want to see a calm matthew ok not one that gets angry

jo: tonight mam is going to put the football lights in your room so they light up then your going to have a story read to you then mam will kiss you good night gave you hugs and kisses then she will go down stairs she hs to do things so be a good boy and go to sleep ok

tegan threw something

Tegan shut up daddy silly *********** you

stuwart: no

Stuart you better not use that talk at me agian

Stuart Matt uses that word and that's naughty

stuwart: tegan sit down and eat your dinner

stuwart: tegan sit back at the table

stuwart: tegan tegan

stuwart: right your going on the naughty step

tegan: nooo

stuwart: sit down you sit her for 2 mins

tegan: sorry

jo: right guys I am off home I will leave you to see how much you rember

stuwart: are you going to run down the hill

matthew: yep

stuwart: I will race you

matthew kicks his  mam

laura: you do not bahave like this

matthew: and you do not hold my arms you *****************

laura: deep breaths do star jumps you better work it out this language is unacceptable do you understand


laura; thats angry

matthew kicks his mam

matthew screams

laura: right you stop it now and work it out

laura: he is not going to win

stuawart: sit on the naughty step I am trying to ccok you dinner

tegan: I am not

stuwart: you are

tegan: no no no

tegan; sorry

jo; Uh oh Tegan's time wasn't up yet how is she going to learn

matthew ow! you stupid matthew swears

matthew: GO AWAY!

stuwart: ow ow ow

stuwart: tegan tegan you do not hit me now play nice or its naughty step

tegan: sorry

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